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This chapter contains many important topics such as accommodation ncert solutions class 10th power sharing vo Belgium, majoritarianism in Sri Lanka, why power sharing is desirable, forms of power-sharing such as among different organs of government, among governments at different levels, among different social groups and among political parties, pressure groups and movements.

Sharing of power does not always mean weakening the country. Sometimes, it may create the problem by delaying decisions which are for the welfare of the people but many times it creates the possibilities of better decision making. Page No: 4. Ruling by the majority does not mean oppression of the 10th Class Ncert Hindi Book Kritika Solutions Facebook minority. Sinhalas which are in majority and in government in Sri Lanka disregarding the wishes and needs of the minority. In modern era, oppression is not morally correct to be in power.

Democracy works on the majority of opinion, not by major community. A democratically elected government must be sensible to the people's demands and protect citizen's basic rights. Page No. In my school, the class monitor changes every month. Is that 10th Class Ncert Hindi Book Kritika Solutions Pdf what you call a power sharing arrangement? This is not power sharing arrangement as the class monitor has all the power at a time and this power is shifted to another in next month.

The power must be shared among others which is an important feature of power sharing. Page No: 10 Exercises 1. What are the different forms of power sharing in modern democracies? Give an example of each of. Example: The distribution of power between Indian Parliament legislaturethe council of ministers headed by chief ministers executive and Courts of India.

Example: In India, power is shared among Central government, State government and local governments. Different political parties contest elections for power which ensures that power does not remain in one hand and shared among different political ncert solutions class 10th power sharing vo that represent different ideologies and social groups.

Pressure groups and movements influence the decision making process. Consider the following two statements on power sharing and select the answer using the codes given below: A.

Power sharing is good for democracy. It helps to reduce the possibility ncert solutions class 10th power sharing vo conflict between social groups. Which of these statements are true and false? Previous Post Next Post.

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Mar 31, �� NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Civics Chapter 1 (Political Science) Power Sharing in PDF format updated for new academic session for UP Board, MP Board, Gujrat Board, CBSE, and other boards who are using NCERT Books as course books. NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Civics Chapter 1 NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Ncert Solutions Class 10th Physics Electricity Version Civics Chapter 1 PDF.

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