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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS | myCBSEguide | CBSE Papers & NCERT Solutions NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 4 � Carbon and its Compounds, Exercises includes all in text and exercise solved questions which helps you to understand the topic covered in Chapter 4 Carbon and its Compounds Class 10, in a better manner . Free PDF download of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science (Chemistry) Chapter 4 - Carbon and Its Compounds solved by Expert Teachers as per NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. To get the latest copy of Class 10 Science Chapter 4 NCERT Solutions visit myboat289 boatplans Jul 13, �� NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 4 Carbon and its Compounds. In this chapter, students will learn about bonding in carbon �The Covalent Bond, versatile nature of Carbon, saturated and unsaturated carbon compounds, chemical properties of Ncert Solutions For Class 10th History Chapter 2 Doc .

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These are formed through the formation of sedimentary rocks. They provide following information on the process of evolution. Why are human beings who look so different from each other in terms of size, colour and looks said to belong to the same species? Answer: This is because although genetic make up of humans may be slightly different in different races of people, there is no reproductive isolation. Reproductive isolation differentiates one species from the other.

Human beings different in size, colour and looks can marry among themselves and produce fertile offspring. Answer: Bacteria is a primitive organism as they came into being very early in evolution. But these organisms are still surviving in the present conditions after millions of years.

This is because they have adapted well to the changing environment over these years. Same is the case for all other organisms like spiders, fishes and chimpanzees which have adapted to their environment and have survived.

Therefore, all the organisms which exist have a body design which is better as it is suited to their environment. A Mendelian experiment consisted of breeding tall pea plants bearing violet flowers with short pea plants bearing white flowers. The progeny all bore Ncert Solutions For Class 10th Science Chapter 9 Online violet flowers, but almost half of them were short. In evolutionary terms, we have more in common with : a a Chinese school-boy b a chimpanzee c a spider d a bacterium Answer: a A Chinese school-boy.

A study found that children with light coloured eyes are likely to have parents with light coloured eyes. On this basis, can we say anything about whether the light eye colour trait is dominant or recessive?

Answer: This information is not complete. On the basis of this, it cannot be decided light colour trait is dominant or recessive. So it cannot be said until one does not know the nature of this trait in the parents. Question 5. How are the areas of study-evolution and classification interlinked?

Justify this statement. Resemblances in organisms are because they have arisen from a common ancestor and differences in them are due to adaptations to different types of environment.

Since the organisms can be graded in order of increasing complexity it indicates at the concept of evolution. Question 6. Explain the terms analogous and homologous organs with examples. For example, The wings of an insect and a bird are analogous organs.

Homologous organs : Those organs which have the same basic structure or same basic design but different functions are called homologous organs. For example, The wing of a bat, flipper of a seal, front leg of a horse and arm of a man are homologous organs. Question 7. Outline a project which aims to find the dominant coat colour in dogs.

Answer: Suppose a black homozygous male is mated with a white homozygous female. If the progeny has all black dogs then the dominant coat colour is black. Question 8. Explain the importance of fossils in deciding evolutionary relationships.

Answer: Fossils play important role in providing evolutionary evidences because by knowning the age of fossils we can know about the evolution process of an organism. For example, a fossil bird called archaeopteryx that looked like a bird had many other features of reptiles. It had feathered wings like those of birds, but teeth and tail like those of reptiles.

Archaeopteryx is, therefore, a connecting link between the reptiles and birds, and hence suggests that the birds have evolved from the reptiles. Question 9. What evidence do we have for the origin of life from inanimate matter? Haldane at first in suggested that life is originated from inanimate matter.

According to him life must have developed from the simple inorganic molecules which were present at that time. Later, Miller and Urey in presented its evidences. They assembled an apparatus to create an early earth atmosphere which was supposed to consist of gases like methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, etc.

At the end of one week, it was found that about 15 per cent of carbon from methane had been converted into simple compounds and amino acids which make up protein molecules formed in living organisms. This experiment provides the evidence that the life originated from inanimate matter or lifeless matter like inorganic molecules.

Question Explain how sexual reproduction gives rise to more viable variations than asexual reproduction.

How does this affect the evolution of those organisms that reproduce sexually? These variations are inherited and increase the chances of survival of an organism. How is the equal genetic contribution of male and female parents ensured in the progeny? Gametes in the sexually reproducing organisms are formed by the process of meiosis during which half of the genetic material goes into each gamete.

When the gametes from male and female parents fuse with each other during sexual reproduction, the normal complement is restored. Half of the genetic material comes from the female and half from the male. Only variations that confer an advantage to an individual organism will survive in a population. Do you agree with this statement? Answer: Yes, variations that confer an advantage to an individual organism are inherited. The organism can survive longer in an environment and maintain its existence in the population.

Formulae Handbook for Class 10 Maths and Science. Answer: Natural selection selects the individuals having useful variations which ensure their survival in the prevailing conditions of environment.

Variant individuals that can withstand or cope with prevailing environment will survive better and will increase in number through differential reproduction. Answer: Mendel took pea plants with contrasting characteristics � tall plant and dwarf short plant. On cross pollination, he got all tall plants in F1 generation.

Then by self pollination of F1 tall plants, he produced second generation F2 consisting of tall and short plants in the ratio of 3 : 1. Answer: In a dihybrid cross made by Mendel, it was observed that when two pairs of traits or characters were considered; each trait expressed independent of the other.

Thus, Mendel was able to propose the Law of Independent Assortment which says about independent inheritance of traits. A man with blood group A marries a woman with blood O and their daughter has blood group O.

Is this information enough to tell you which of the traits � blood group A or O is dominant? Answer: No. This is because we do not know about the blood group of all the progeny. Hence, the information is incomplete to draw any such conclusion. Answer: The females carry two X-chromosomes. Males have one X and one Y- chromosome. Thus, female is homogametic and male is heterogametic.

When a sperm carrying X- chromosome fertilises an egg, the zygote develops into female XX condition. When sperm carrying Y-chromosome fertilises an egg, the zygote develops into a male XY condition.

Thus, sex is determined at the time of fertilisation. Answer: Different ways are : variation, natural selection and genetic drift isolation. Why are traits acquired during the lifetime of an individual not inherited?

Answer: Because acquired characters bring changes only in non-reproductive tissues and cannot change the genes of the germ cells. Thus, acquired traits cannot be passed to next generation. Answer: i If any natural calamity occurs and kills these small number of surviving tigers, they can become extinct resulting in the loss of some genes forever. These both are very important for giving better survival chances to the species. What factors could lead to the rise of a new species?

Answer: Genetic variations, natural selection and reproductive isolation could lead to the rise of a new species. Will geographical isolation be a major factor in the speciation of a self-pollinating plant species? Answer: No, because pollination occurs on the same plant in self-pollinating plant species.

Answer: No, because asexual reproduction involves single parent or organism. Give an example of characteristics being used to determine how close two species am in evolutionary terms? Answer: Homologous organs, analogous organs and vestigial organs help to identify evolutionary relationships amongst the species. Can the wing of butterfly and the wing of a bat be considered homologous organs?

Answer: No, wing of a bat and wing of a bird cannot be considered as homologous organs because they have different basic structure. Answer: Fossils are the impression or remains of ancient life found preserved in the sedimentary rocks. Fossils are direct evidences of evolution. Fossils also help to identify evolutionary relationship between apparently different species. They also tell about the extent of evolution that has taken place.

Page Question 1. Answer: They look different because of interaction of genes with environment which results in change in their appearance. What is meant by saponification? How does soap help to wash the clothes? Important Questions on 10th Science Chapter 4 What is a homologous series? A homologous series is a series of carbon compounds that have different numbers of carbon atoms but contain the same functional group.

How can ethanol and ethanoic acid be differentiated on the basis of their physical and chemical properties? Ethanol is a liquid at room temperature with a pleasant odour while ethanoic acid has vinegar-like smell. This is below room temperature and hence, it freezes during winters. Why are carbon and its compounds used as fuels for most applications? Most of the carbon compounds give Ncert Solutions Of Class 10th Chapter Number Format a lot of heat and light when burnt in air.

Saturated hydrocarbons burn with a clean flame and no smoke is produced. The carbon compounds, used as a fuel, have high calorific values. Therefore, carbon and its compounds are used as fuels for most applications. Explain the formation of scum when hard water is treated with soap. Soap does not work properly when the water is hard. A soap is a sodium or potassium salt of long chain fatty acids.

Hard water contains salts of calcium and magnesium. When soap is added to hard water, calcium and magnesium ions present in water displace sodium or potassium ions from the soap molecules forming an insoluble substance called scum.

A lot of soap is wasted in the process. What change will Ncert Solutions For Class 10th Science Chapter 6 Eng you observe if you test soap with litmus paper red and blue? Since soap is basic in nature, it will turn red litmus blue. However, the colour of blue litmus will remain blue. What is hydrogenation? These are created by experts in accordance with the CBSE curriculum. Practice with these daily to perform better in boards.

Students can easily download these materials and can use it offline also. These materials are NCERT solutions for all the chapters, revision notes, syllabus, sample papers, previous year question papers and important questions of class 10th.

Our subject experts and experienced teachers has designed these materials, as per the latest CBSE syllabus With the help of these materials, students can find it easy to prepare for their exams and score good marks. Students are provided here with an opportunity to use these materials for free while doing the preparation for the 10th board exam. As we already know, grade 10th is important for all the academic students. The marks obtained in this board exam have an impact on students forthcoming education life.

Therefore, it is necessary for them to secure excellent marks in the final exams. Based on these marks they could decide to select their subject of interest in 11th standard. Also, many students decides to get a job after 10th and many attempts to get colleges for diploma or inter studies.

Therefore, LearnCBSE is trying to make the students prepared for all phase of the exams and get passed with flying numbers in 10th standard.

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