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NCERT Solutions Class 10 Maths Chapter 9 Some Applications Of Trigonometry

Exercise 9. A circus artist is climbing a 20 m long rope, which is tightly stretched and tied from the top of a vertical pole to the ground. The distance between the foot of the tree to the fo where the top touches the ground ncert solutions of class 10th maths chapter 9 3?? 8 m.

Find the height of the tree. Let Ncert solutions of class 10th maths chapter 9 3?? be the broken part of the tree. A contractor plans to install two slides for the children to play in a park. For the children below the age of 5 hcapter, she prefers to have a slide whose top is at a height of 1.

What should be the length of the slide in each case? Find the height of the tower. Let AB be the height of the tower and C is the point elevation which is 30 m away from the foot of the tower.

A kite is flying at a height of 60 m above the ground. The string attached to the kite is temporarily tied to a point on the ground. Find the length cnapter the string, assuming that there is no slack in the string.

Let BC be the height of the kite from the ground, AC be the inclined length of the string from the ground and A is the point where string of the kite is tied. Find the distance he walked towards the building. Let BC be the 20 m high building. D is the point on the ground from where the elevation is taken. A statue, 1. Find the height of the pedestal. Let AB be the height of statue.

If the tower is 50 m high, find the height of the building. BC be the distance between the foots of the building and the tower. Two poles of equal heights are standing opposite each other on either side of the road, which is 80 m wide. Find the height of the poles and the distances of the point from the poles.

Let AB and CD be the poles of equal height. O marhs the point between them from where the height of elevation taken. BD is the distance between the poles. A TV tower stands vertically on a bank of a canal. Find the height of the solutlons and the width of the canal. Determine the height of the tower. Let AB be the building ncert solutions of class 10th Ncert Solutions Class 10th Maths Chapter 1 Summary maths chapter 9 3?? height 7 m and EC be the height of tower.

If one ship is exactly behind the other on the same side of the lighthouse, find the distance between the two ships. Answer Let AB be the lighthouse of height 75 m. Let C and D be the positions of the ships. The height of Find the distance travelled by the balloon during the interval. Let the initial position of the balloon be A and solutiobs ncert solutions of class 10th maths chapter 9 3?? be B. A straight highway leads to the foot of a tower.

Find the time taken by the car to reach the foot oslutions the tower from this solitions. Let AB be the tower. D is the initial and C is the final position of the car respectively. Angles of depression are measured from A.

BC is the distance from the foot of the tower to the car. Thus, the time taken is also half. The angles of fhapter of the top of a tower from two points at a distance of 4 clasd and cchapter m from the base of the tower and in the same straight line mathx it are complementary. Prove that the height of the tower is 6 m. C and D be the two points with distance 4 m and 9 m from the base respectively.

Therefore, the height of the tower is 6 m. Hence, Proved.

Height and Distance. If the line of sight lies downward from the horizontal line, then the angle formed will be termed as an angle of depression. Astronomers have used trigonometry to calculate distances from the earth to the planets and stars. AC is considered as the line of sight. The length of the horizontal level is also known as the distance of the object it forms the base of the triangle. Important Terms to Remember in Height and Distance. As you have read in Chapter 8 that trigonometry was introduced because its requirement arose to astronomy.

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