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��������� ������� �� ������ �������� ���������� ����!� ���� ������ ������� �Yacht Russia Sailing Image�� ������ ������� ���, ������� � �������� �������� ����������. Find Sailing Yachts for sale on Boatshopcom Europe's largest marketplace for boats & yachts.� Browse all the Sailing Yachts for sale we have advertised below or use the filters on the left hand side to narrow your search. Create email alert. Sort by. Please select sort by relevance oldest first lowest price highest price latest near me. Back. Create email alert. Enter your email below. Photos of vessel SAILING YACHT A (MMSI: ) uploaded by the MarineTraffic community.� Photos of SAILING YACHT A (MMSI: ). Browse and rate photos uploaded by our community. Filter the results based on the photo properties.

Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images. Created Oct Modified 1-Apr Visitors Stock sail boat pictures for sale in high resolution. Pictures of Sailing Race Boats for sale. The category of classes sailing yacht International Sailing Federation. This category includes within it the sailing boats that exceed 30 feet over 9 meters , so in all respects similar to a yacht. Sailing yachts can range in overall length Length Over All �LOA from about 6 metres 20 ft to well over 30 metres 98 ft , where the distinction between a yacht and a ship becomes blurred.

Most privately owned yachts fall in the range of about 7�14 metres 23�46 ft ; the cost of building and keeping a yacht rises quickly as length increases. In the United States, sailors tend to refer to smaller yachts as [sailboats], while referring to the general sport of sailing as yachting.

Within the limited context of sailboat racing, a yacht is any sailing vessel taking part in a race, regardless of size. Modern yachts have efficient sail-plans , most notably the Bermuda rig , that allow them to sail towards the wind. This capability is the result of a sail-plan and hull design. At present, a great number of sailboat-types may be distinguished.

Apart from size, sailboats may be distinguished by a hull configuration monohull , catamaran , trimaran , keel type full, fin, wing, centerboard etc. Although sailboat terminology has varied across history, many terms now have specific meanings in the context of modern yachting.

Sloop, Fractional rig sloop, Schooner, ketch, cutter, catboat, Yawl Sail boat. Save images to your own "lightbox" you create and easily organize, share and collaborate with your designer or picture editor. A simple and easy Picture Search Engine to find what you want fast. Category: Sports. Subcategory: Water Sports. Subcategory Detail: Sailing. We are a collection of experienced photographers shooting commissioned, editorial and stock library images for international clients and commercial events.

COM Nautical Images Gallery have one of the biggest collections of high-resolution stock sailing Small Sailing Yacht Design images in the world. Our stock photography is perfect for use in advertisements, annual reports, books, brochures, CD covers, greeting cards, posters, magazines, web sites and as Fine Art wall art. Picture Yachts, stock exotic travel, Prints, sailing photography, Super yachts images.

Nautical, Sailing and Boating Stock Photo Galleries If you are interested in purchasing images as a fine art prints for your office walls or having a unique piece of art hanging on you house wall, CLICK HERE we are a stock photography agency that believes professional stock images should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Professional marine stock photography that can be downloaded fast and easy when you need it.

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