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10 Most "Worth It" Buffet Places In KL (Under RM50 Per Pax) ( Guide)

That being said, this communal experience can bring a hefty price tag´┐Żnot exactly the best note to end on. Here are some of the hotpot buffets you can snag these promos at. Image credit: shootandspoon. This exciting buffet features an all-you-can-eat feast of hotpot, BBQ, and zi char dishes, and it also includes 25 types of seasonal seafood. Get deal. Image credit: jesslynlai Despite being famous for their humongous seafood platter, Jiu Gong Ge Hot Pot still has a rocking lunch buffet with free-flow seafood, shabu shabu, and nad meat.

Image credit: isteamboatmarina. The former has tiers of soup, marinated meat, cheese, and bao stacked atop each other, while the latter fills you up with the likes of tom yum beef Steamboat Pot And Grill Quiz and free-flow ice-cream!

Jin Men Da Yuan Hot Pot stands out from their steamboat counterparts with rarely seen ingredients such as duck tongue and pork kidney. Image credit: Chope. The impressive interior is matched by beautifully plated food such as crabs, beef slices, and fish resting on dragon boats. The fot base here is also prepared before your eyes, and even includes a dragon-shaped mala butter that melts as hot grlll is poured over it.

Image credit: iii. For rot thai buffet steamboat and grill hk who already have hotpot kakis on standby, Xiangcao Hotpot will strike your fancy with their deal for four diners. Unlike rot thai buffet steamboat and grill hk places that have a stronger emphasis on Sichuan cuisine, this joint serves Yunnan nosh. Image credit: itshoardstuff. Image credit: Xian De Lai. When late-night cravings hit, Xian De Lai is the place to eat buffeet.

Open till 4am, the restaurant has rot thai buffet steamboat and grill hk all-you-can-eat hotpot buffet which lets you load your plate with various cuts of meat and live crabs. They even have free-flowing amd sum at the buffet! Together with bubble tea, hotpot buffets rank high on the list of top Singaporean indulgences. With ChopeDeals, rot thai buffet steamboat and grill hk no longer have pesky high prices getting in the way Taman Abang Buffet Steamboat And Grill East of you and all that scrumptious food.

To test your luck steambot further, keep a lookout for our Griill post on 30 October in which you can stand a chance to win any 1-for-1 buffet deal of your choice! Hazeeq Sukri Cheese isn't the only pull I'm good at.

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If you like desserts, dig into the carrot halwa or fruit trifle and kheer. They use the red snapper fish head so that you can enjoy the gelatine like parts of the fish jaws. Choose from a variety of soup bases such as the locally inspired Pepper Bakuteh, Ginseng and Beauty Collagen soups. As a Thai-Chinese hotpot restaurant, Coca Steamboat perfectly marries authentic Thai cuisine with traditional elements of Cantonese-style cooking. For those who loves some smooth thick and rich Thai green milk tea, milk tea or lemongrass drink, you can order them ala carte as these are not included in buffet. They use only quality ingredients. Using a dual compartment hotpot, offering tomyam soup and chicken soup.

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