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These qualities make it the favorite material of many long trips sailors. A reference! Designed by Ed Dubois and built in aluminium at the Chantier Naval de Califirnia, this 28m large polar expeditions sloop was given 6 cabins with bunk Extensive refit in and perfect overall condition.

Une technique simple et efficace pour un bateau rapide. Solid construction in Sealium. Centre ballast and Airex sailboat mast manufacturers california fire. Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/used-boats-sale/cbse-classes-in-airoli-white Click to sail away.

New Yanmar 80CV - First hand ship. New hull paint and Marinedeck july Her first Boat ready to go for a cross atlantic cruise, Meticulously prepared and maintained, for safety offshore sailing. Robust, fast and fully equipped. Professional robust construction, rigging, genoa, engine new. Refit hull and paint Caligornia sail away in peace. Skip to main content. Sailboats Multihulls Powerboats News Logbook.

Aluminium sailboats. Sort by Length Price. Order Asc Desc. You will find here our selection of aluminum sailboats. This nice aluminium Technimarine production based on a VATON design is a comfortable and seaworthy blue water cruiser for hot or cold destination. New price. The aluminium "pocket size super-yacht", designed for family comfortable voyage. Aluminum centerboarder on a Caroff design, with an insulated aluminium wheelhouse, twin-engines, perfectly equipped for all remote destinations.

A hight quality blue water cruiser: aluminum building by Alliage shipyard, lifting keel end top-level equipment. Completely rebuilt between andthis round bilged aluminium cutter sailed the world with a family aboard during the past 6 years. New engine. Built in a small series of five units, this aluminium Masg sailboat mast manufacturers california fire is an excellent beachable centerboarder designed for blue water cruising.

A blue water cruising aluminium cutter, twin keels for a limited draught, stiff and secure. This strong and reliable centerboarder built by Meta following a Brouns design just comes back from a loop around the Americas with a family aboard.

Designed by Gildas Plessis and built at Alumarine, this aluminium weighted centerboarder was designed for comfortable short sailboat mast manufacturers california fire crew travels. A very nice, Lorem lpsum 352 boatplans/small-boats/small-craft-boats-australia craft australia small boats and reliable blue water cruising cutter centerboard, made for long manuafcturers cruising.

Under offer. Ideal for couples, this JPB 35 built at Meta according to the Strongall method is ready to sailboat mast manufacturers california fire. A very nice sailboat mast manufacturers california fire in strongal on michel joubert design, to go far in good comfort. Aluminium centerboarder sailboat Steel centerboarder sailboat Ocean racer Motor Yacht Wooden sailboat.

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