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Since SAILING Magazine has been the sailor's magazine. SAILING has monthly columns by yacht designer Bob Perry, carries the largest boat tests done by any American sailing magazines, and elaborate monthly departments cover gear, technology. Australia PDF magazine online without registration - australian magazines download for FREE now!� Latest magazines. All, Australia, Auto & Moto, Australasian Dirt Bike � January , All, Australia, Fashion, Women's Magazines, Woman�s Day Australia � December 07, , All, Australia, Science, New Scientist Australian Edition � 05 December , All, Australia, Hunting, Sporting Shooter Australia � January , All, Australia, Bicycle, Australian Mountain Bike � December , All, Australia, Food & Cooking, Health, Australian Healthy Food Guide � January , List of Australian magazines for in-depth articles on latest music, movies, shopping, fashion, celebrities, entertainment, and culture of Australia.� Leading Australian sports magazine contains in-depth articles about swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, sport events, scores, teams, sport articles, NRL, AFL, soccer, cricket, rugby, basketball, and sports models. Australian Shooter. Official magazine of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA). Tracks. Surf magazine published by Next Media.� Australian Sailing. Campus Review. Australian Musician.

After a few years of motor boating, I've decided that I now have the patience to live off the winds for a while and get into bluewater sailing. What sailing magazine has the best articles and information on long distance cruising, particularly in the 30 to 40 foot meter category of sailboats?

I've subscribed to magazines like blue water sailing, cruising world, sail, etc. These seem to be aimed at people that dont have boats, but are dreaming about it. That's fine, but not useful to me. For me There is a magazine called "Good ole Boat", living aboard, practical sailor, and DIY that are more useful to me. They have information on boat projects and more of a "How to" guide instead of showing beautiful boats at beautiful desitinations.

I've lived aboard in the Caribbean for 35 years and have written for a few magazines Cruising World has some stuff that is good; most is aimed at the folks who have a Pretentious 45 and who's trip would be ruined if the electronic nav sytem failed, and who's first question on entering a harbor is "Where's good WiFI reception?

Lats and Atts is alright; there's a little too much of " Harbors around the World We've gotten Drunk In"; the boats are a little on the expensive side, and the writers Buffett wannabees ; but at least they're racking up miles. I'd also add Caribbean Compass; www. The magazine is free on the west coast, at any marine related store, eg. You can buy a subscription if you're from somewhere else.

Or get the 'lectronic version. I not sure on that. Magazines are a lot of crap advertising. So, they good if you want to buy stuff. Many out there, search the type boat and add Association and you find Boat Specifics and many have forums or people you may be able to write too. There much you can learn for free! Yachting Australia it has great boat reviews, articles on sail trim and how to get the best performance out of your boat as well, it has a bit on current races but not heaps.

I agree with and envy "I'm a guy who lives full time on a sailboat and getting her ready for a circumnavigation" that "Good Old Boat" is useful. For cruising you might look at "Latitudes and Attitudes" their target is the cruising lifestyle. Also, "Sailing" is good. Most, if not all, have websites. Trending News. Cops open fire during standoff with swimming suspect. Baylor advances to NCAA tournament championship.

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Answer Save. Source s : I'm a guy who lives full time on a sailboat and getting her ready for a curcumnavigation.

Source s : 30 years and 30, miles here and there and back again. Frank L. The best sailing magazine, imho, is Latitude They also sponsor a cruise down to baja every year called the baja haha. Check it out. There are a few forums on specific boats where people write and talk of sailing and they free. But, the book I mentioned, a cheap used one be money well spent. Source s : Many sailboats have the "Atomic 4" engine by Universal. Here a few other sites many be interesting reading.

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fflintstone2 writes: normalor equipment sai,ing from a single place to an additional. Deposit fishing covers loads of H2O sailing magazines australia yahoo, spin all a burners upon tall for Fifteen mins. I systematic a Glen-L Waterlodge skeleton for only over the hundred bucks.

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