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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 4 day average Incredibly proud of this group and my crew. And a huge shut out to captain Steve Lassley, the best captain and friend I can ever have. Enjoy the photo by John Ellis. The finish video from this man is going to be completely epic. Cell phone call in the late afternoon from Greg -- on they way south-- Uncle Sam Bank brought them multiple Wahoo bites all good sized fish-- Dorado there too -- relatively quite for them on the Ridge till they got to the Thedis Bank-- Fair to good Marlin.

We'll the big question is-- what will this blow do to the fishing conditions- - after a solid 25 to 40 kts of wind and upwelling water for two three days - ya have to think it will drop 5 maybe 10 degrees - we'll just have to see -- How far in depth does this influence go 50 feet at least- -Coastal waters will have the greatest degrading, offshore-- most warmer water fish will leave and they can go quick-- those Bluefin who live at ft below the surface for most of the day-- will probably feel some sort of disturbance - but I"d venture to say give it 4 5 days and we will see them again- of course by new week another blow is forecasted-- and it's these continued blow will make the difference-- standing by-.

An rainy windy day-- -- Small Craft Advisory only a few sailors out Couple of boats gearing up for their journey south to Mag and points beyond- if you require some of the older tackle refreshed or new line on them give us a call - - -looks like another blow coming this next weekend too-.

Bay waters still relitivly clean, lots of baitfish inside the harbor-- Pelicans diving in on it Couple boats weathered in the protection of Cedros-- heading north when they can We've been blessed with the opportunity to view nature and Her ever increasing wonders- - The Great Marlin Race , a objective to scientifically study the movements of billfish throughout the oceans of the world via archive tagging.

From the Hawaiian waters Blue marlin were tagged, Australia Blacks, ,Puerto Rico, South Africa and just about everywhere else in the tempernt waters billfish have tagged and studied. The IGMR has fundamentally changed the way that scientists, anglers, and policymakers understand billfish.

In September 30, , Hooked Captain Geoff Hersch tagged the estimated 36 kg 80 lb striped marlin after a 17 minute bout with angler Jeff Acampora. Both of these tags were sponsored by the Tuna Club of Avalon the two sat tags deployed by Burning Daylight on October 18 and 19, 0 during a 12 day trip from Newport Beach to Magdalena Bay and back. Mission accomplished! My sincere thanks to all tag sponsors, boat captains and crews for making this important billfish research project possible.

Tight lines, Bob Kurz. Hooked- - Had the opportunity to tag a beautiful and strong Striped Marlin here in Mag Bay last week. Now we wait 9 months for data retrieval. Light marine haze seas calm with a small swell from the west -- nice day on the water, Tides swell in the morning hours - Swordfish tides over the next few days as that mid day Slack period brings them up " the Pop". Scientific records show Broadbill Swordfish sounding to the depths ft from dawn - stay deep all day till dusk where again they have a desire to go straight up to the surface within a few meters and stay there till dawn again when the dive deep -- Sometimes-- sometimes they come up the the surface during those broad periods of an Slack Tide "Pop" basking themselves in the midday's warming sunshin e, said to turn "pink" sun burnt then just as quick as the tides turns they dive down again to that deep depth till sunset E-mail from Baja- - Slow pick on the Ridge last week.

Water cooled off degrees. Headed up Friday and got a triple on the wahoo on the Uncle Sam Bank. Big slab on the deck was 70 plus. Just got one for three on deck- -- from our numbers - 5 and -- You'll see em' on the surface -- like breezing try to get you bait in the direction they are breezing hooked one that never stopped -- it's probably still going on We just got a blow up 20 ft ou t from the boat just setting it out and a setting sun.

Nov the 2nd Sun came up at probably do the same tomorrow at am it will set at today and hopefully tomorrow at pm. Tides still strong - though will start to flatten out by the weekend. Sportfishers traveling north these days from the Cape or Mag bay finding only a few short windows of weather for the next week stand by Wind stayed calm for most of the day a few long distance radio calls saying they had tunas up and were chasing them-- not sure where they were but radio reception is good with the and boats talking-- The tuna fleet concentrated on the Cortez or there a bouts - from the web sites still very good fishing big and small.

Again a coastal fog that extends seawards miles - seas ok- weather has some high tropical looking stuff otherwise calm--a few crying gulls in the foggy background.

We just dumped one set the pattern out-- came in-- three jumps and it came off They ran to Dana from Newport dragging bonito feathers all the way-- no bonito no life-- that's what the whale watchers were saying very little signs of bait or sealife around these days Hey -- wind in that buoy line it's getting lost in the fog- - it's sure acting funny they were bit- - hours later-- -When I talked to Randy he said it was right here at the boat got to go it just hung there thirty feet off the boat-- G reg put the wood to it and turned it aside and they got the gaffs into it-- more gaffs-- they got the bait back almost un scathed- ready to fish again!

Hooker how's it going - couldn't be much slower Swagger how ya doing we're not doing much here how about you it's A call to Hooker this morning- you catch a marlin yet-- nope haven't seen one, nor had a bite -- Ok we're here out Deep droppin' off Newport-- Daily the fishing reports from the boats heading south are enticing-- from tunas, dorados, and marlins reports from above Cedros Island last week and scores of tailers seen on the Ranger Bank-- to below Turtle and Stripers galore, Wahoo on the Ridge and more marlin nd wahoos off Mag bay proper-- good times for all The weather along the West Coast to Baja's Cape has been relative stable for months - maintaining the majority of sealife mid peninsula -- and it seems stable for a while -- Traditionally by this time of year there would be several Northwest cold fronts coming down the coast interplaying with the Santa Ana highs- but so far really no major storms and 15 day forecast shows a storm two weeks away- so things should stay stable for at least till then and maybe even concentrating the sealife more towards Mag bay in the latter half of November-- - Stand By remember-- bring plenty of circle- hooks-!

A view from last year at this time and this years water temps for the southern half of Baja Party boat below the border below the had a marlin took a trolling jig-- Nomad tuna lure -- purple.

A scratchy call mid afternoon-- - JD's tackle -- Jason here-- Sea Horsewe're on out way in -- got two super cows on board-- one at and the other at -- Wow! One yesterday afternoon the other this morning on the Cortez Bank not directly with the fleet but they found bait marks away from the fleet and set up the kites w Flyers - Congrats JD. A phone call from Matt- telling me he's received cell phone call from the Go- Away Greg, Randy and Jeff aboard were drifting for Swordfish--out by the rigs-- - they'd been on a fish for a hour-- got close but it went away -- just about that time a radio call from Randy- confirmed they were on a fish- and still fighting it Stand By --!!

Fog developing all along the shoreline out for five miles heavy at times and they're fighting that swordfish in the fog-- eerie! Towards that setting yellow sun in the mist of the fog he're right here next to the boat got to go You there-- JD we got em! Yea we got it in the boat- - Greg did it himself-- on 80lb tackle -- weird fighting that fish in the fog-- but it's cleared up here now-- looks to be close to the two mark Nice going's from the fleet-- thanks! Again not much said on the radio today-- Stan was out looking for that "last one" not much happening for them-- even lonely with no other boats out Couple of Deep droppers dow on the upper mile bank-- saying they hadn't meetered much bait but they did get at least one fish while moving the gear the fish hit the freshly moved bait Wed Oct 28 Clear and not so smoky- - light wind from the southwest this morning , more towards the west as the day gets along Got a double going tuna big tunas Must be closer that the Tanner or very-very good radio reception today Offshore Santa Ana Winds prevail mild compared to yesterdays winds- - No clouds yet sill hazy from inland fires- Tides building and Moons filling water clearing as these cold nights settle the sediment that's in the water N0ot much wind lee --the coastal bluffs off South Newport-- Salt Creek and a little below Dana-- Back side of Catalina windy otherwise Small Boston Whaler came back in the harbor this morning -- By its dominant 80lb Swordfish tackle in the rod holde r-- he was out for them this morning-- at least tried- too windy out off the Newport Canyon-- down the line off Abalone Point he gave it an hour or two's try-- but no bites-- came back in as that wind picked up-- Amazing to see --here it's almost November a small skiff with 80 tackle hung off here out fishing for Broadbill Swordfish-.

I passed through Turtle Bay on Sunday and paid 5. It appears they have become more reasonable after not receiving much business lately. Deep droppers 9 Mile bank to La Jolla Canyon- - -- we set up around noon -- was on set 8 and saw 1 was on bit Seaswirl Boats Models Ltd and been on ever since- - Oh Boy that sounds like a big oneyea-- it's traveled a long ways--how you doing - We've got a fatty on -- probably 27 0 --got it on the boat and we're about to run out the gear again-- pm.

There was some grumpling about the fish swordfish that wasn't a swordfish-- shark? A few light sprinkles in the clouds, light west wind kts seas OK with a west swell behind them- Tides again starting to build as that Full develops next week-- Blue Moon again the 31st-. Boats were out locally fishing for the Broadbill Swordfish-- deep dropping out front of Newport-- 8 and 10 lb weights were needed to keep the baits straight up and down with drift and wind currents moving them around maybe a bite or two -- no fish hooked that I heard of Mag Bay fishing looking at the AIS shows the boats between the Entrada and Pt Tosca no word yet on the numbers Others still enjoying the ride- from Turtle southwards to explore the fishing.

Black and Blue No real winners other than in the Release Division, in the Kill side of the tournament -- boats entered- lost -. A maximum of 3 tuna, 1 wahoo or 1 dorado may be weighed per day, per team. Thanks for everything JD. Good size dorado and small YT all on the fly. Amazing fun day change of pace weather and tons of laughs. Saw a nice swordie baited it not on a fly rod took the Mac on for a bit but line broke. Lots of skippies and fished back side of San Clements in 70 water Cheers Chris.

The Cabo's Black and Blue 4. Wilkes the pressure really builds as that clock keeps ticking away you can almost feel the tension -- Stand By- for those last minute hook ups If No Qualifying Fish Caught � Refunds- In the event no qualifying fish are caught during the tournament the portion of the optional Daily Jackpot monies that were allocated for cash awards are refunded by check within four weeks to the Team Contact.

TICK-- TICK-- Tick-- the day draws towards the end of the tournament - and still no a qualifying fish to be weighed- moon looks about right-- but they weren't biting Bluefin tuna continue to be caught--Tanner Bank and there-a bouts-- Big and med sized fish-- the lb goal has been reached-- waht next a lb fish! San Clemente Island open for the weekend-- hot till sunset today Tick-- Tick-- Tick-- 30 minutes left- and you can bet the boats are almost willing for any type of a bite to come-- no mistakes at this time-- tick tick -- tick.

Suerchingo hooks up-- 2 minutes to go Atlantic Anglers hooks up 1 minute left Lines out - One fish boated no weight yet and two hanging at the end of the tournament-- -- boh fish let go - so the Surivor's fish boated with no weight yet standing by Team Survivor,-- fish weighed at Overcast today-- air's a little cooler and a south eddy wind at kts-- seas good. The Outrider returned with 15 Bluefin Tuna 1 lbs. Today's work schedule brings the past reels to life again , some service and install that precious Linen line of 9 thread wet test 27 lbs and 24 thread wet test 72 lbs.

Wow It looks like the Black and Blue did not get a qualifier today that means it all rolls over to tomorrow-- boy you don't want to miss any hook up's or blow it on the gaff or get a backlash in the lines-- -- best of luck -- JD.

Sport boats out of SD still doing well on the tunas bleow the border-- etc. The Outrider called in with 7 Bluefin on the boat 1 lbs. And 1 lbs to start their 1.

Waters still warm with a shot even at Dorado in the waters below Dana and into the warmer clearer water Fished the Bay over the weekend in the 57th Lily Call bay fishing tournament -- 4 lb lines only-- Bass, Halibut Corbina and Croakers were the target fishes anglers-- Lots of Spotted Bay Bass weighed the largest at 1. Great plaque awards and a fun raffle prizes gives away Wally and Tennyson making it happen. Tenny dropped the bait all the back to the stinger to entice the bite as the lure was pulled in to keep the fish following.

Boy was it quiet on the radio today-- yet a very pleasant day on the water-- waters still on the warm side for the middle of October- - we'll see if this approaching front drops it a few degrees - or will it break down the existing conditions we've had for the past month Tides are major this weekend-- drops out at 2.

We'll some one had to do it a lb Bluefin Tuna, - ANother fine day-- Hot but livable-- Fog in some spots-- otherwise calm seas, wind 2 3 kts South. Morning radio actitivty better seems the fishing has picked up- with more Yellowfin being found -- Im at 12 over 33 I've got Yellowfin going Going good? We're getting jig stops about every 5- 10 minutes-- every time these guys take a drink we get bit You There? How far our you about 3 miles from you 20 lb test and 1 hooks-- 12 lbs got one about -- I'm going to try to find some dorado now We just got a Toad That wa a narly blow up-- lost that one but gort anoth one on the line We're you at?

We're on-- sardine plunker we're you markin em-- it's on a 50 W and lb -. First one second one about buck and a half. Watching the blow up on the kike is increaable-- The thought being those fish were up on the shelf and feeding-- then went back into deeper water-- maybe off Del Mar? Another fine morning-- it's HotDamn hot! The VHF radio has many interesting comments said among those this morning -- a tender of two shipping freighters- talking to a deep drop fisherman who had his gear set for two mile,s the tender and freighters heading their way.

We'll I can't do any with the gear and it takes two hours to move it -- it's runs at degrees for two miles-- there's ten individual marked buoys. Deep drop boat-- can see the those tankers- headed your way-- -. My recommendation if it takes two hours to pull you gear you better start now your in the designated federal shipping zones - we will be operating for the 48 hours in this vicinity OK I got you-- thank you-- thank you for your cooperation Scott Sitck boat says saw a pair of tailers off the East end of the island Can Dump this morning so there' still the Last One to be Caught in the fathom depth.

East end of the island cat lots of kelps- with perch and a few small yellows-- Mackerel Banks and the middle of the island clemente grease slick and not much life-- no dorado yet-- Stick Boat report Largest bull 28lbs Chris. Anything out here on the Upper we're out here looking for marlin- no marlin yet- no bones either Anyone want yellowtail were Anybody fishing the yea we are-- had a couple of blind strikes -- guess we'd have to say -- no-. Keep your eyes we've had at least five quality dorado 20lb fishwe're out past those seiners Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Three hundred points awarded for every blue or black marlin officially released, or 1.

Twenty-Five 25 points for any striped marlin, spearfish or sailfish officially release Day Two- with and a lb Blue on the board yesterday Wind light from the west 5- 6 kts- seas light bump otherwise calm and friendly. Should be a great day on the water and sunset too Good customer dropped by with a reel for repair the other day-. Now in a fishing tackle shop you hear a lot of boastful fish stories-- some you take with a nodding head- the customer - having just made the trip to the Cape to fish the tournaments in a five day voyage.

Sounded like there was a Swordfish bite-- deep down-- marking the spot for anothe drift-- Good day to be on the waters Tides aren't much for the structure fishing but offshore tidal slack periods are extended for hours each way Not much said on the radio several boats drffing for swordifsh off Newport -- Randy tells the tale of a swordfish swimming lazyly by 30 feet away from the bo at. Too much line in the water to reel in and go find it. Bob fished the , never found the dodo's, weather a little sporty till mid day-- fishable-- Things changed-- - seems everything seens to have drifted south or east -- we did find a paddy with rat yellows- no marlin on the trolled jigs And there was a congrats to a catch off the east end-?

Change in the weather-- still overcast but cooler with some clouds-- wind light from the west kts- seas calm-. E-Mail from Chris this morning - JD, hope all is well. Ran out to the 43 today. Temp was 73 not much around. The had a marlin on the surface thrashing around. San Clemente Island Security's Web site shows the island Pyramid Cove to be Hot today till midnigh t then open all day Sat but again goes Hot on Sunday morning 7am till late afternoon Call the club for details or E Mail to Info balboaanglingclub.

A light overcast sky some broken clouds wind slight at 1 maybe 2 kts flags are limp- seas calm good day to be on the water and forget all this land stuff-- Tides flattening out Radio chatter at a minimum - probably a good day to be out trolling for tunas, marlins dorado's or just out searching the water for the enjoyment of that alone.

Just received in a shipment from a Wholesale supplier of tackle and supplies - - the order was place Sept 12 th! It takes weeks to get any product these days - and that's if they even have anything in stock themselves.

AIS shows the tuna fleet to the southwest of Clemente island Tanner Bank or there a bouts-- others trolling and the Ridge, 43 -looking for jig strikes of Dorado's and finding some of those kelps with fish under them We got a breezer up here and there's a paddy below us-- am -- still seeing em' jumping around the boat Hooker calls in with a release Kathy-- with the fish all alone out there today--East End Cat-- with plenty of time for another one or two more today!

Young man comes in the shop- towards the late afternoon- they had been out fishing the Dorado- - Whacked em' he says-- out near the Mackerel banks -- kelps and they ate everything- everything Foggy again on the coastline breaking up early- seas good weather good other than the fog-. Boats fishing out of SD and below the border for a few miles doing well on the small yellowtail, and dorado' s- not all the kelps had fish but there were some kelps showing meter marks 50 ft thick with the tails-- Dorado jumping and a few smaller yellowfin in with the mix.

For those who haven't seen the WHOW Event Recap please check out this Viedmo that was put out -- If you haven't supported them in the past - put it on you calander for next year - You'll be proud you helped!

Boats heading around the west end of cat towards the tuna grounds report clearing weather -- the A-Bank foggy-foggy all the way to the beach too- The East end of the island 2 miles vis blue water and a little life-. Paul found three kelps holding tails and dorado for their WHOW group--found a marlin too! Got some help from Bobby Lee at the end after losing 2 gaffs in a failed early gaff attempt. Definitely the most challenging angling event Ive had so far. Tight lines, Chase. Silver Canyon had a fish released there yesterday - slow so far this morningno fish reported yet On the DoubleC it took awhile but we caught our limit..

Keep the tips coming. Thank you. The annual fly over that marks the end of fishing for WHOW Goosebumps all around as the WWII fighter planes roar over head.

Tournament awards dinner tonight at the Newport Country club. He said he was west of the 43 and had 78 degree water and dorado's -- unbelievable Have a good week-- Fall's approaching-- things get concentrated in the shifting winds and currents-- stand by. Foggy conditions cover the coastline waters clearing as the morning warms up- to hot- light wind from the south kts seas calm.

Great radio coverage this morning-- lots of boats out from below the border to the western waters. Kelps spotted as the fog lifts and smaller dorado taken on trolled feathers-. Bob You get hit on the troll- -- we're on a big school of dorado-- get on over here you said lower 9 didn't you Hey boat running at us -- turn off turn off your run over our buoy-- sorry I didn't see it Good Morning-- -Vietnam!

We stopped by these other boats-- they must know something-- been fishing here for a while hadnt caught anything Decker coming back from a good day of bass and yellowtail fishing at Clemente ran into schools of both Yellowfin and Bluefin Bob say the west end looked good --tons of bait, whales- -- drifting, seeing smaller mid grade tunas up around them-- suprized they didn't get a bite. E-mail-- Hi JD, Lost one just behind the boat around pm. Blue water, 74 degrees, some bait balls.

Best regards, Bob. Afternoon and boats come back into the harbor- seeing a sporty looking boat mid channel , upon further inspection it's got a Broadbill Swordfish strapped across the transom!. It's broad belly, sword and shape defines it well- the boys in the cockpit telling tales.

Other's inside the lee of Clemente saying it was hard to find the paddies they were looking for because the fog Thank you Freedom Alliance and all the supporters , looking forward to the boat parade this afternoon with over 60 plus boats.

Saw two marlin so far-today-- one off Long Point and another just west of the A Bank - weather's gorgeous like oil- just like yesterday we went all around the island - - haven't seen a shark or sunfish- -- back out this morning up to White Rock- the A Bank and now by the sheet oil conditions Stick boat. Later in the afternoon-- Salt Shaker--Salt Shaker-- any luck yea we just hooked up go get em' WHOW Parade here in Newport Boat after boat passing by the shop this afternoon proud to see the support and the welcome they exhibited-- Good luck to them.

Sleeper seen upper 9 this morning sunk out-- up the line from there to oceaside sill offcolor and not much to see- out another 8 and back to SD - no fish- more life middle and below the 9. Marty Firestein passed away this past Tuesday from an infection following surgery.

Marty and his son, Mitchell,, could regularly be seen on the water aboard their boat, A Reel Dream. A Cebration of Life will be announced at a later date. Another change in coastal weather-- warm and sunny this morning-light south wind changed to a west by noon- light wind ripple and a small mix of seastate-. Full moon aproaching we'll see if the Bluefin counts go down and maybe the yellowfin counts come up? Fish story - Earlier this week Monday I took my small skiff out- gentleman fishing leaving at 10 am -ran out 3 or 4 miles to the dropoff where shearwaters, gulls and pelicans were working on bait pushed up by some of those smaller bonitos.

Kelps held bait but I didn't find any yellows or dorado under them - out in the distance a marching band of dolphins was heading my way- figured to toss a colt sniper lure right out in front of them some feet-- - - made the cast-- the lures fly's through the air-- just before hitting the water a Dolphin leaps up and lure smacks him right on the side and bounces off- I hit him right when he was in mid air- first time I ever did that- - lure sunk out no bites- went home-.

Foggy here on the beach-- pea soup for the early morning hours-- brightening up as the days goes along-- coastal stiff west wind as it clears off- wind chop with it 5- 10 kts--small mix of seastate. Filling Moon this weekend and building tides exchanges Stand By!

He said there were out near the only found one kelp had to see them today foggy. Fished the Butterfly for two days in a row- only some rat yellows we're East of the BF finding some kelps and small yellows too Couple of boats fishing off the east end saying things seemed to have changed-- fished the morning tide for nothing yet-- waiting for the afternoon swing reports a couple tailers seen off the west end of the island yesterday.

Wind started to back off somewhat towards the late afternoon-- one boat still out off the east end saying it had laved down - still a bit of swell but no chop-- no fish yet for them. And Congrats go to Sean Norton for his 24 thread catch of a Pacific Bluefin Tuna at lbs on that old line-- and it's old! Who's next with that same old line-- remarkable it still fishes. Calm morning-- overcast light south wind 2 3 kts at best seas calm - fishin calm.

E-mail this morning-- - from Alan B with their catch nice size Tuna. Congrats on 50 lb Dacron- Which probally breaks a lbs-- nice catch! Just had one come take a sniff at the long one-- right about where you are now- -- am. The day passes witn not a whole lot of radio chatter-- I think most folks just enjoying the good calm weather--and a boat ride-- soft overcast sky developed for the day-.

AIS shows the tuna fleet stretched out from behind and west of Clemente southwards to the Cortez Banks - others centered around the Catalina's southern end looking for roaming schools of tuna and the marlin strikes.

Stan on the Hooker was congratulating another boat saying they had made the rest of the fleet look bad as they had been catching all the fish - am --Dave E is the highliner Lots of boats out looking, hoping and wishing for a bite-- East end had a few bites on the marlins -- I don't know of many, if any swordfish hook ups- maybe one-- not sure where- Gadzuks relased one too. A comfortable morning here on the shorelin e - light south eddie wind kts small wind chop with it-.

The weekend adventures out all ready- booming music and chattering laughs disturbs the quite of the ba ythey fade away to the distance. AIS shows sport part boats ranging from above Clemente island 9 fathom spot to below Ensenada, private sport boats working from the Channel islands, , and the banks southwards to below Clemente and inside by the fathoms spots- Catalina, , included. For the most part -- for nothing a desert so far- - Pacific Pioneer released one this morning, backside east-end- and still a few knock downs off the end of the island today -- not many but a few Morning- Starts out clear with a little haze light fog and marine cloud developed- light south wind maybe kts, seas good- a few boats heading out the harbor nice and quiet like-.

Sounded like the Chinese were on the radio air waves again- -- mucho Channel Islands Tournament Update - Twenty boats entered this year's tournament trying to chase the Covid blues away. A tourney record of 19 marlin were released over 5 days of fishing. A great time was had by all.

Boat fishing the anything going on out there-- there were some marlin jumping just south of it-- maybe 8 miles And having been postponed till a later date-- the Famous Lily Call Bay fishing here in Newport harbor is scheduled for Oct 17 and 18th give the BAC club a call for details Fishing off the East end for marlin several boats working up and down the ridge-- no fish yet-- better bait schools out front of Avalon to long point meter marks and dropped snag lines brought up good sized sardines.

You get one Bill Yep fair and square where were you? We were in an undisclosed location but got the fish of my life weighing in a ! We got another one at What a day. We weighed her in at around last night and even though they were closed they came in and opened up for us so we could get the weigh in and the picture which was so nice!

I told my wife Lisa to get the kids and come down to see the fish since I only catch this size fish once every 49 years. Just want to thank you for all you have helped me with over the years and share our catch with you.

Thank you, --Justin G. Nice morning some marine clouds seaward --s wind light from the south 3- 4 kts-- a few boats coming back into the harbor early after a long weekend. A call in from Greg- H coming back from the island-- reports seeing a few smaller schools of small bluefin just above and outside the outer rigs-- - cedar plugs or Rapala lures migh do the trick there Stan and Kathy released another one this morning -- Woo-on had 7 fish on Friday and maybe 2 or 3 yesterday two of the fish up towards Long Point the others off the east end of the island from the out to the and even in tighter tot he island than the Scratchy report pusher type jigs Black and purple has been good for us- this one this morning brown and green Hey JD-- Spike Spot-- we headed down the Ridge between the to the found good tuna fishing got a couple good fishing for them--yellowfin he said Woo on control- a scratchy report this morning- not recognizable- something about decreasing radius.

Woo on control- raffle drawing for a Costa package-a pause while the name is drawn - See Ya you win! Woo on control- Rick E aboard th e Hooker had a hook up- released him uninfected Go Away with Jerome hooked and landed at a 17 minute - not bad-- then at something call it Gadzuks hooked a fish released it and congratulations to all you guys-- standing by for the afternoon bite Spanish interplay on the VHF Radio -- with those ordering their lunch-- extra salsa please-- please pull forward to the window-- gracias.

Seems marlin fishing sucks today want to get into the raffle bag-- anyone want to do that? Hey Bill when you go in to town can yo pick up some rum and limes and ice -- - ha- hu-- sure what kinda limes do you want-?

Raffle package-- Aftco- package the full works-- scratchy report go-- goes to Kuna Kai Congrats-. Wind came up early today-- by noon most of the fleet were looking for some releif - Kiddy pond fishing-. Second day in a row where the morning's sky held some blue and a few clouds to it-- Coastal marine haze light south-- eddy wind is seems lik e. Morning ventures to the marlin fishing off the East end of Catalina where a half dozen boats were concentrated-.

Hooker hooked the fish --Congrats to Stan and Kathy-- we're still fighting the fish- - tell her to lick it. Chrisma had a jig bite that fell off--and Chicken wing released one Took us over a mile since we hooked it-- what's you get it in 75 ft of water??

Congrats Kathy how ya doing I'm a little tired- - ya got the kinks worked out go get another one-- OK thanks Parker- with the tower on it-- we just had a marlin on-- there's a couple more around here too- This being the Hammer we're be infected and bent over hard!

We got the fish got the fish!!! Hooker says it was a hell a of a fight all the way to the end-- Beak had a fish up in the teasers jig fish - beak almost had it-- it jumped off the jig ft behind the boat Ok your your infected-- cough-- cough- 19 what the captain drinking??

UpDate- inner club -- 9: 06 Hooker called in with kathy on a fish bait- released at 11 Charisma had a hook up Hammer Hammer had a swordfish called it in at released it at ! Woooo- han Derby control- -- come back- -Surley -- just released it pm DC- who drove the boat?

Cough cough this Kona Kai-- we've got Chris W- we be infected --Chris is bending over hardpurple lure- Said to have been issued around Editor's Note: I have not built this kit, or even seen it out of the box, but from the dimensions and the photo on the box, it looks suspiciously like the Monogram kit with a different stand.

This kit has been issued at various times as:. Editor's Notes: May be related to the Minicraft Spruance kit. Editor's Note: May be related to the Minicraft Ticonderoga kit. Editor's Note: Presumably, this is a close relative of the Academy Bismarck kit. Issued in Happily, this is not the case. An entirely original effort, this Titanic is a much better model, cleanly molded and easy to assemble.

While I'm no Titanic expert, the kit's proportions are convincing and the completed model looks like the great ship. Academy's Titanic seems to have been designed with younger or more casual modelers in mind.

The complex structures of the original are broken down into relatively few assemblies so that the model can be built up quickly. Nevertheless, the large amount of attractive molded on detail keeps it from looking too toylike. The crisp, precise moldings were a pleasure to handle with no flash, sink marks, or visible ejector pin marks anywhere.

The parts are molded in black, white and tan plastic with components broken down so that one could build a nice looking Titanic model without painting it. Decks are in tan, for example, and the white strip along the forecastle above the ship's name is a separate part molded in white to be attached to the black hull. The result is basic but effective.

This clever pre-coloring of parts is actually a return to the very roots of plastic ship modeling, like Revell's Taney and Eastwind kits from the early s. Another nod to less experienced modelers although useful for all of us! As a more experienced modeler I was less than thrilled with the simplified assemblies which in places look a bit chunky, and the prominent hull plating, though dramatic, is overdone for the scale.

Much could be improved with the application of photoetch, but the simplified molded in details and that plating mean that creating an accurate scale model from this kit would require a significant amount of work.

Perhaps the best way to experience this model is to take it as Academy's designers aparently intended it: as an attractive, easy to build alternative to their magnificent but challenging!

The box art isn't bad at all but it quickly goes down hill from there. I cannot and would not recommend this kit to anyone!

This is another example of a company that has not properly researched the ship, submarine, that they have put on the market. This kit is nothing more than a "toy" that needs assemblyrather than a scale model. On the side of thebox it has this statement:. As a "static display model", it fails miserably because of the lack of attention to simple detail in all areas - hull, deck, and conning tower.

The only way that this kit should be built as a static display model is in a waterline configuration. Even as a waterline model it will require extensive work to get it even close to what a Type IXB should look like. I am not even sure that it would be worth the man-hours. Include the motor, add batteries and give it to a 5 year old. Paint optional. Kit rates a "blech". Originally issued by Adams circa It was also issued by Airfix beginning in and most recently in Airfix's revised full hull version by Heller in the s.

Note: one of the weirder ships of the 20th century. Armed like a battlecruiser with 15 inch guns and armored like a light cruiser she was officially classified as a large light cruiser. This bizarre vessel saw light service in WW1 and was eventually converted into an aircraft carrier and was sunk by the Germans in the opening days of WW2. Interestingly, her main battery turrets removed for the conversion to an aircraft carrier wound up being installed on the last battleship of the Royal Navy, HMS Vanguard which was finished after the end of WW2.

This model depicts the ship in her battlecruiser large light cruise guise. Admiralty also has released the sister ship to Courageous, HMS Glorious in a later fit that includes aircraft flying off platforms but not yet as a full fledged aircraft carrier which she too was converted into.

Kit Parts: this is a very large resin kit that includes photo etch, brass rod, plastic rod, metal chain and decals for flags.

The massive one piece hull and lower superstructure is simply gorgeous and packed with detail. I'm basically speechless in trying to describe the quality of the casting in this kit. It isn't just flawless and highly detailed, it is incredible. You cannot buy a better kit in ANY medium than this kit. It is complete and needs nothing else to create a stunning ship model. What else can I say? Directions:: Multipage, highly detailed, expertly drawn, line drawings, exploded views and color plates are some of the best directions that you can ever have.

In addition to assembly and painting directions text in English, colors called out in White Ensign Models Colourcoats , there are also clear and concise rigging directions. Among the best directions in the industry.

Packaging: huge, heavy cardboard box with a unique twist. My kit was packed with an inner box that was actually a clear plastic display case! All parts bubble wrapped in plastic bags with foam peanuts in all the voids. Admiralty is a newcomer to the resin ship maker's club but they are far and away one of the best in the business.

The kit depicts the vessel in with flying off platforms on both turrets. The ship was at best a white elephant for the RN in this configuration but an interesting subject for the modeler.

Glorious began the conversion to an aircraft carrier in and served as such in WW2. She was sunk by Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. This kit is without a doubt one of the finest resin kits ever produced. The only negative, a minor one at that, is dealing with the scores of incredibly tiny detail parts in both resin and photo etch.

This will require a steady hand and a good bit of skill. Directions: Brilliant, multi-page drawings and text that are among the very best in the business. Packaging: Heavy cardboard box decorated with a color illustration of the ship. The hull is bubble wrapped and carefully taped. All other parts are bagged and taped in place to reduce movement.

Everything is then surrounded in foam peanuts. The Advent kit has Revell copyright on sprues and also on the instruction sheet. Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Buckley. Editor's Note: Apparently, the same as Revell's Eastwind kit, though some have suggested that the kit is incorrect for the Burton Island.

Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Ward. Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Eagle. Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Enterprise. Thanks to Rob Theriaque for finding the information on this kit. Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Intrepid.

Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Montrose. Issued circa Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Olympia. Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Ranger. The kit consists of parts including 72 in grey styrene plastic, 1 in red plastic, 31 etched brass, 7 in clear for the sub's seaplane, plus decals for both the boat and airplane. Parts are perfectly molded with sharp detail and no flash.

The model goes together conventionally, with the two piece hull split at the waterline with a separate underwater hull molded in red. Fit throughout is excellent, and the entire sub can be assembled in just a few minutes.

Even if one were to open up all those hundreds of drain vents along the hull sides, the interior detail could scarcely be seen. Similarly with the delicate ribbing detail on the inside of the aircraft hangar; nice, but ultimately invisible. Other unusual design features include a moveable deck gun, rudders, and aft dive planes as well as an aircraft crane and antenna tower that can be retracted into the deck.

Of only limited appeal to most modelers, these little gimmicks are at least accomplished with no detriment to scale appearance. Other innovations are more useful. The forward dive planes, for example, are provided as separate parts to depict them as either deployed or retracted. Although it would have been a simple matter to cut the extended hydroplanes and push them inside the hull to show them retracted, the use of a dedicated part for this is a simple, effective construction time saver.

A finely done photoetched bass fret provides railing, small cranes, aircraft components and other parts that could not be done nearly as well by injection molding although many of these parts are also alternatively included in plastic. These provide an added finesse to the model, leaving little, if any, need for aftermarket photoetch. Good as these extras are, it is the extraordinary quality of the basic kit itself that makes it stand out.

Starting with solid dimensional accuracy, precise molding and ease of construction, this kit just gets better and better. The level of detail on the parts is amazing, among the best I have ever seen. The hatches on the main deck, for example, are perfectly molded and even have microscopic handwheels relief-molded on to them. The periscopes, combined with the shears as a single part, are unbelievably fine with all the distinctive details on the periscope heads cast in scale.

The guns, binocular mounts, rangefinder and other small fittings are uniformly excellent. The Yokosuka E14Y "Glen" floatplane is a tiny sixteen-part kit in itself with its own decals and photoetch. It even includes two miniscule incendiary bombs with correct shape and fin detail.

If I were to offer any criticisms of the kit at all they would be minor ones: the open sides on the conning tower at about 1mm close to 14 scale inches are too thick, and the solid molded bridge windows might have been provided as a photoetched part.

The decal hinomaru "meatballs" for the aircraft are slightly off register, and markings are provided only for the I, although there were 29 of the type B-1 Otsu-gata submarines, some of them well known. These really are nitpicks, though.

The big Japanese companies had better watch out, because the Chinese are on the move! Nice detail, no sink holes. While I have never seen a Skywave Knox-can, this kit sure looks like a Skywave mold.

Bilge keels will have to be scratchbuilt for this conversion. I don't think this is a Skywave derivative; there are multiple differences in parts. Plus, they include a correct SH-2 helo, which Skywave doesn't even produce, even in those ships that are supposed to carry it. This is the same kit as the DML. Good kit that builds very well right from the box.

Some minor fit issues but no worse than the average plastic kit. Props are a little crude but can be made nice with a little sanding. Sinkmarks on the two turrets need minor filling. Good instructions and decent decals. Just build it clean and apply a light wash and you'll have a fine little model. AER Colectie Srl. Evidently produced by the same Soviet model kit design team sometime during the Cold War, each of the subs is a separate injection molded plastic kit.

The kits build into full hull models ranging from five to seven and a half inches in length. Though not of the highest quality, these old Soviet-era model kits are very inexpensive and generally accurate. Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Boston. Editor's Note: Reissue of the Revell Hope. The model was one of Revell's very first nautical releases, dating originally from The model depicts a Higgins 78 foot PT, definitely not a Vosper as some have thought.

It is a very old kit, but parts fit and details are fairly good. The full hull is a single piece molding. Designed during Revell's infamous "flat bottom boats" era, this kit actually has a nicely rendered hull with an accurate chine, perhaps to aid operation one version issued in the s came with a motor.

The deck and deckhouse come molded as a single unit, with other details either separate small parts or molded directly to the deck. Some of the surface detail looks good, but the dinghy is molded to the forecastle as is a coiled mooring line-not very convincing in this relatively large scale.

Weapons are ok. Torpedoes and 20mm Oerlikons are separate pieces, but the latter have gunner figures cast directly to them, which is a real problem if you don't want to include figures! Actually, the most notable aspect of the kit is those three very nicely sculpted crew figures. A very innovative feature for the time, Sea Doo Boats Models 770 they were created by master sculptor Anthony D. Bulone, best known as the sculptor of the original Mattel Barbie doll. Not one of Revell's best, it is still an attractive, simple kit good for a quick, fun build.

Airfix was founded in as a toy company. Their first model ship was apparently the Golden Hind, first produced in the early s. Airfix was purchased by Humbrol parent company of Heller in They did, however re-issue some of their older ships kits.

By August , the company fell into grave financial problems again. In November , Airfix was sold to model train manufacturer Hornby, who announced their intention to move production to China. Prices are usually reasonable. A few of their early battleship models, Iron Duke and Warspite have an odd problem with their main guns. They have flared tips, like the flash suppressors on some AA guns.

These flares should not be there, and they should be sanded down so that the barrels taper normally. All warships are made in light gray plastic. All passenger ships are made in white plastic except QE 2 which is made in a very light grey plastic.

These kits are from the 's. These are some of the oldest and most primitive Airfix kits. The first five Golden Hind, Santa Maria, Shannon, Victory, Cutty Sark of them seems to have existed in two variants, an early waterline model with a "modelled sea" base and a later full-hull model with cradle, the last three were all full models with cradle. Several of these have been re-released lately as "Special Editions". No of parts: 71; Guns elevate: yes; Decals for Amazon, Active and Arrow included; 1 helicopter included.

Detail is medium, Appearance: good. Needs some slight mods at the stern, but otherwise, the hull is nice. Series 4, ; No of parts: ; Guns elevate: no; Detail is medium; Appearance: good. My second kit bought a few years ago was in slightly worse shape than my first, but still recommended. This ship makes a presentable model built OOB. Options include placement of antenna cranes and aircraft elevators. Details are decent.

Carley floats are separate parts, 4. Aircraft are Swordfish and Fulmers, wings of which appear a bit thick. Could use some better painting instructions, but research is part of the fun. Series 2, first issued in This series set the standard for injection molded "wargame scale" models back in the s, and the Ark Royal is among the best of them. The model consists of 42 medium gray plastic parts, all cleanly molded with almost no flash.

The above water hullform is accurate with the distinctive knuckle forward and large flight deck overhang aft credibly depicted. There aren't any decals, but six very nice Fairy Fulmars are provided. One of the things I had liked about that larger version was the open boat decks molded as separate parts fixed to the inside of the hull. I also liked the open sides on the anchor and quarter decks fore and aft which created a realistic see-through effect.

Not only that, they managed effectively to engineer the whole thing as a clip-together! Very cool. The control island comes as a nine part assembly. Throughout the model surface detailing is discreet yet effective. On the flight deck the lifts, arrestor gear, and a barrier are represented as subtly raised detail, and the forward catapults are recessed.

The dozens of portholes on the hull sides are represented by tiny raised discs with dimpled centers. I would have preferred holes, but at least the disks are consistent and sharp. They actually look pretty good once painted. Liferafts and anchors are molded directly to the hull sides, but they are well done and are convincing in this small scale. The eight separately molded 4. The smaller weapons are molded directly to the galleries; fortunately the six 2 pounder pom-pom mounts and eight.

They look quite good. The four rangefinders, molded with their mounts as separate pieces, are first-rate. Similarly with the other small details; the boat cranes and antennas, although molded solid, have delicate raised detail suggesting their lattice structures.

If only Airfix had chosen to include some Swordfish as well Airfix released only a few of them before abandoning the scale in the early s, but they remain among the finest ships that company ever produced.

The Ark Royal is a first-rate little model-if you can find one, build it! A real winner. It is very detailed, and it builds up very nicely except for one piece of the forward superstructure. This kit also makes an excellent source of parts for other British cruisers. It can be kitbashed with an Airfix Tiger to make various Colony class cruisers, or you can cut it down a bit to make earlier City class cruisers. Buy it if you can find it. An excellent model. Sadly they left the water line out so you will have do some extra work when masking for painting.

Otherwise it competes with Repulse as Airfix's best ship model. This kit is the best I have seen from Airfix. The details are more crisply molded than in any of the many Airfix ship kits I have built. The kit represents the ship as she appeared in WWII, not in the modernized appearance she now has as a museum ship.

I painted my model to show the ship as she would have appeared at the time of her best known action, the Battle of North Cape. This kit has nice detail on turrets, cranes and air intakes. It includes two Walrus aircraft, one on the catapult and one with wings folded, protruding from the hanger. Use of PE will emphasize the overall quality of molded detail on this model. This is a real challenge for the one who wants to correct details. The armour belt is too low, the water line is too low, all decks are wrongly shaped, the deck details are missing.

Still a quite impressive kit when you are a kid and don't care about such details. Series 2, The boxtop says the model is intended to " The 50 gray plastic parts assemble into a basic but good looking little battleship. The waterlined hull is a single part with a solid bottom and separate single-piece main deck, so there are none of those annoying mid-deck seams so common on larger scale kits.

This is good since the raised deck planking is amazingly delicate; in fact it is some of the best I've seen in any scale. Assorted deck hardware is also well done with bitts, hatches, vents, and other details sharply depicted. Unfortunately, the model doesn't quite capture the graceful yet solid lines of the original. Also, the armor belt is too low and the prominent portholes are missing. Worse, the funnel, superstructures and turrets aft are placed too far back.

This problem isn't too noticeable until you get to the fantail, which is about 20 scale feet too short. As one might expect in a clip-together kit designed for wargaming, the superstructure is simplified and lacking in detail. The distinctive spherical hoods of the 4m type SL-8 antiaircraft directors are molded integrally with the superstructure, represented as rounded tops on the mounts rather than as spherical shapes. Not very good. Also, the aft mounts shouldn't have the hoods at all unless you intend to build the model as the Tirpitz.

The two-part funnel is hollow with an open grating nicely represented on the top. Main turrets are ok, except that the barrels are about 6 scale feet too long and the rangefinder hoods extend too far down the sides-but they are fixable. The mm secondary turrets have simplified shapes and the barrels are also too long, but they're useable too. Smaller parts vary in quality from fair to excellent.

The The best parts are the ship's boats, 37mm, and mm antiaircraft guns. Too bad Airfix hasn't reissued it since the s! Appearence destroyed by clumsy davits. The tiny details are too heavy. Series 5, pre; No of parts: 86; Decals included. Participated in the Falkland war. A typical Airfix liner, comparable to the quality of the Queen Elizabeth and possibly a bit better. Fit is fine to me, although stacking all those decks can be an adventure! Nice kit. This kit represents the liner in her as-built appearance, with First-Class game deck open.

Ship soon had this deck opening covered over and short extentions added to the twin funnels. Major item that needed changing on kit was mast structure, which was a little undersized and oversimplified. Will still make a nice-looking model built OOB. Great decal sheet with deck markings and nice bow herald. The first Airfix ship. First kits had a special base cradle, later kits had standard base cradles. I seem to recall that the hull is several scale feet too shallow keel to deck.

Brooks , comment dated 20 February Actually, my measurements say quite the opposite. It's several feet too deep. I compared the kit to some Admiralty drawings on one of my reference books. The kit measures about. The drawings suggest that it should be about. I think there were some fitting problems with this model. A bit "plastic". Guide to detailing in Airfix magazine April Someone on Internet informed that the superstructure was incorrectly positioned, I have not checked that myself.

With a little work, it can be accurate. According to legend, the forward superstructure should be pushed slightly more forward. The Sea Slug isn't that good, but it would be hard to do better. A photoetch Sea Slug launcher is called for, but I don't really expect to ever see one. Up until recently,I didn't realize how bad the Sea Cat launchers were. I didn't even recognize them as Sea Cat launchers! The superstructure, deck and armaments are acceptable for an early war boat.

There are some problems, but they can be fixed. For example, the vastly oversized depth charge racks should be discarded. The hull, however, is incorrect in profile and cross section. Most obviously, it is missing the pronounced bow knuckle that was a feature of all but the early experimental boats. There are other problems of proportion and shape that will become immediately evident upon comparison to technical drawings. If you use the hull directly from the kit, your model will not show off the sleek lines that made the Schnellboot an elegant and powerful small combatant.

I wonder why they didn't include the Fearless? Series 3, ; 2 helicopters, 2 landing craft included; No of parts: ; Guns elevate: no; Decals included. A slightly uneven model, in some places the details are really great, in some just ok but you won't be disappointed if you buy this kit.

Pretty nice. It even has decent detail in the landing craft as well. The Sea Cat launchers aren't that great, but otherwise OK. I wonder why they never issued this kit with the decals for Intrepid Send in the Royal Marines! This ship, made famous in Operation Corporate, was one of the more fun to build models in my collection. The ship has a well deck in the stern that can accomodate landing barges.

Normally dry, this well can be flooded and a stern gate lowered to launch these craft. In addition to this, there is a large flightdeck just aft of the superstructure with five helispots.

This can be used by either helicopters or Harrier fighters, giving the ship the capability of a small aircraft carrier. The ship is further armed with two single 40mm guns on the bridge wings, and short-range AA missles. A friend of mine served on the USS Nashville, and seeing my model under construction, opined that it was very close to his old ship in layout.

Quality of detail on this model is inconsistent. The landing barges are pretty good, the two helicopters are so-so, and the 40mm guns are pretty poorly modeled. Overall, it makes a nice model, especially when some PE railings are added. Guide to detailing in Airfix magazine Sep Can be built as a waterline model. This is a good kit. The hull above water is made of starboard and port parts with a flat bottom. Two pins extruding from the bottom can either be cut off or put into holes in the separate underwater part.

The flightdeck is in one giant part. Everything fits together wonderfully well. Minor error: the aircraft decals are for but, the funnel is of the rectangular post type. Building mine was a dream. The kit includes transparent parts for swimming pool roof and sports roof.

To me, a large disappointment. Due to some error in design the front gun turret had not even room to turn. The kit is quite detailed but somehow it just don't look like the other Airfix kits and for example the masts are the thickest found in an Airfix kit. This model was a disappointment to me.

I felt that the Aurora kit was basically better overall because most of its flaws could be corrected easilier. This is not the case with the Airfix model. First off while the main turrets are very well shaped and detailed they are a little too small and there still is not enough room for them to turn.

Unlike the Aurora kit, you can't simply replace them with two from a Revell Scharnhorst or Gneisenau because as mentioned there isn't even enough room. I also was extremely disappointed with the single 5. I expected the same level of detail as the mounts on the Narvik DD , which are beautiful. Same goes for the 4. They are a little better, but again, not as good at similar mounts in the Airfix Prinz Eugen.

I do not know if the 4. The superstructure was very detailed but the armored tower seemed too short. None of the range finders seemed right compared to pictures I have studied. I do not believe they could be replaced with parts salvaged from other models due to size difference. Overall, I believe the engraved detail in very good but the layout out and scale problems however lower the overall quality. The smaller Testors Graf Spee is a far better kit, if not the best. RDF , review dated 10 April It's a sound kit but it needs a lot of work to be perfect, the hawse pipes and breakwater needs to be completely rebuilt and lots of derrick and deck details need to be added but I can assure you that the end result is worth all the work.

Kit Background : This is the oldest injection-moulded plastic model of Hood. Since its release in , it has been periodically reissued a number of times. The kit contains pieces and is a full-hull representation of Hood as she appeared in the mid s. It suffers from a lack of detail and from large, bulky features.

As for the quality of he moulding, it is generally crisp, with a small amount of flash. No sink holes were noted, but a few ejector marks were present. Hull: Correct in overall shape, taper and shear, with the exception of the torpedo bulges. These are present, but do not correctly conform to the true shape of the ship's bulges. The hull also lacks an armour belt. Another odd feature are the open torpedo mantlets. Fortunately, most of these problems can be fixed with a combination of plastic strip stock, putty and a good deal of sanding.

The deck planking is far too wide for the scale. The deck machinery and features ventilators, capstans, winches, hatches are all moulded into the deck and are somewhat bulky for the scale. On the other hand, some items which were prominent on the real ship are not-so-prominent here. One such example is the forward break water. Another deck planking problem is the forward Shelter Deck- on this model, there are planks. On the real ship, however, this area was painted metal.

Superstructure: Mostly accurate in general shape and layout. There are a few notable errors: Both funnels are completely missing their base structures. They have venting around them, but are missing the small rectangular structures that the funnels were situated upon.

Another problem area are the batteries situated on each side of the ship. These started to be installed on anti-submarine ships from late The warship could approach slowly as it did not have to clear the area of exploding depth charges to avoid damage and so its position was less obvious to the submarine commander as it was making less noise. Because hedgehog only exploded if it hit the submarine, if the target was missed, there was no disturbed water to make tracking difficult - and contact had not been lost in the first place.

Squid was an improvement on 'Hedgehog' introduced in late A three-barrelled mortar, it projected lb 45 kg charges ahead or abeam; the charges' firing pistols were automatically set just prior to launch. Detection by radar-equipped aircraft could suppress U-boat activity over a wide area, but an aircraft attack could only be successful with good visibility.

U-boats were relatively safe from aircraft at night for two reasons: 1 radar then in use could not detect them at less than 1 mile 1. The introduction of the Leigh Light by the British in January solved the second problem, thereby becoming a significant factor in the Battle for the Atlantic. Developed by RAF officer H. Leigh , it was a powerful and controllable searchlight mounted primarily to Wellington bombers and B Liberators.

These aircraft first made contact with enemy submarines using air-to-surface-vessel ASV radar. Then, about a 1 mile 1. It immediately and accurately illuminated the enemy, giving U-boat commanders less than 25 seconds to react before they were attacked with depth charges. The first confirmed kill using this technology was U on July 5, The Leigh light enabled the British to attack enemy subs on the surface at night, forcing German and Italian commanders to remain underwater especially when coming into port at sub bases in the Bay of Biscay.

Subsequently, the common practice of surfacing at night to recharge batteries and refresh air was mostly abandoned as it was safer to perform these tasks during daylight hours when enemy planes could be spotted.

A drop in Allied shipping losses from , to , tons per month was attributed to this device. By August , U-boats were being fitted with radar detectors to enable them to avoid sudden ambushes by radar-equipped aircraft or ships. The first such receiver, named Metox after its French manufacturer, was capable of picking up the metric radar bands used by the early radars. This not only enabled U-boats to avoid detection by Canadian escorts, which were equipped with obsolete radar sets, [62] [ page needed ] but allowed them to track convoys where these sets were in use.

However, it also caused problems for the Germans, as it sometimes detected stray radar emissions from distant ships or planes, causing U-boats to submerge when they were not in actual danger, preventing them from recharging batteries or using their surfaced speed. Metox provided the U-boat commander with an advantage that had not been anticipated by the British.

The Metox set beeped at the pulse rate of the hunting aircraft's radar, approximately once per second. When the radar operator came within 9 miles 14 km [ clarification needed ] of the U-boat, he changed the range of his radar. With the change of range, the radar doubled its pulse repetition frequency and as a result, the Metox beeping frequency also doubled, warning the commander that he had been detected.

Eighty percent of the Admiralty messages from March, to June were read by the Germans. The sinking of Allied merchant ships increased dramatically. On occasions only a few hours were required. We could sometimes deduce when and how they would take advantage of the gaps in our U-boat dispositions.

Our function was to close those gaps just before the convoys were due. The code breakers of Bletchley Park assigned only two people to evaluate whether the Germans broke the code. After five months, they finally determined that the codes were broken. In August, , the UK Admiralty was informed. However, the Admiralty did not change the codes until June, Captain Raymond Dreyer, deputy staff signals officer at Western Approaches, the British HQ for the Battle of the Atlantic in Liverpool, said, "Some of their most successful U-boat pack attacks on our convoys were based on information obtained by breaking our ciphers.

This new key could not be read by codebreakers; the Allies no longer knew where the U-boat patrol lines were. This made it far more difficult to evade contact, and the wolf packs ravaged many convoys. This state persisted for ten months. These messages included signals from coastal forces about U-boat arrivals and departures at their bases in France, and the reports from the U-boat training command.

From these clues, Commander Rodger Winn's Admiralty Submarine Tracking Room [64] supplied their best estimates of submarine movements, but this information was not enough. By December , Enigma decrypts were again disclosing U-boat patrol positions, and shipping losses declined dramatically once more. Pignerolle became his headquarters. After Convoy ON , winter weather provided a brief respite from the fighting in January before convoys SC and ON in February , but in the spring, convoy battles started up again with the same ferocity.

There were so many U-boats on patrol in the North Atlantic, it was difficult for convoys to evade detection, resulting in a succession of vicious battles. On March 10, , the Germans added a refinement to the U-boat Enigma key, which blinded the Allied codebreakers at Bletchley Park for 9 days. One hundred and twenty ships were sunk worldwide, 82 ships of , tons in the Atlantic, while 12 U-boats were destroyed. The supply situation in Britain was such that there was talk of being unable to continue the war, with supplies of fuel being particularly low.

The situation was so bad that the British considered abandoning convoys entirely. In April, losses of U-boats increased while their kills fell significantly. Only 39 ships of , tons were sunk in the Atlantic, and 15 U-boats were destroyed. Made up of 43 merchantmen escorted by 16 warships, it was attacked by a pack of 30 U-boats. Although 13 merchant ships were lost, six U-boats were sunk by the escorts or Allied aircraft. Two weeks later, SC saw at least three U-boats destroyed and at least one U-boat damaged for no losses.

In all, 43 U-boats were destroyed in May, 34 in the Atlantic. The Allies lost 58 ships in the same period, 34 of these totalling , tons in the Atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic was won by the Allies in two months.

There was no single reason for this; what had changed was a sudden convergence of technologies, combined with an increase in Allied resources. The mid-Atlantic gap that had previously been unreachable by aircraft was closed by long-range B Liberators.

General Arnold ordered his squadron commander to engage only in "offensive" search and attack missions and not in the escort of convoys. Agreement was reached in July and the exchange was completed in September Further air cover was provided by the introduction of merchant aircraft carriers MAC ships , and later the growing numbers of American-built escort carriers.

Larger numbers of escorts became available, both as a result of American building programmes and the release of escorts committed to the North African landings during November and December In particular, destroyer escorts DEs similar British ships were known as frigates were designed, which could be built more economically than expensive fleet destroyers and were better designed for mid-ocean anti-submarine warfare than corvettes , which, although maneuverable and seaworthy, were too short, slow, and inadequately armed to match the DEs.

Not only would there be sufficient numbers of escorts to securely protect convoys, they could also form hunter-killer groups often centered on escort carriers to aggressively hunt U-boats. By spring , the British had developed an effective sea-scanning radar small enough to be carried in patrol aircraft armed with airborne depth charges.

Centimetric radar greatly improved interception and was undetectable by Metox. Of this total, 90 were sunk and 51 damaged by Coastal Command. Allied air forces developed tactics and technology to make the Bay of Biscay , the main route for France-based U-boats, very dangerous to submarines. The Leigh Light enabled attacks on U-boats recharging their batteries on the surface at night.

Nevertheless, with intelligence coming from resistance personnel in the ports themselves, the last few miles to and from port proved hazardous to U-boats. Despite U-boat operations in the region centred in the Atlantic Narrows between Brazil and West Africa beginning autumn , only in the following year did these start to raise serious concern in Washington. Germany and Italy subsequently extended their submarine attacks to include Brazilian ships wherever they were, and from April were found in Brazilian waters.

Although the Brazilian Navy was small, it had modern minelayers suitable for coastal convoy escort and aircraft which needed only small modifications to become suitable for maritime patrol.

One example was the sinking of U in July , by a coordinated action of Brazilian and American aircraft. By fall , the decreasing number of Allied shipping losses in the South Atlantic coincided with the increasing elimination of Axis submarines operating there. Germany made several attempts to upgrade the U-boat force, while awaiting the next generation of U-boats, the Walter and Elektroboot types. Among these upgrades were improved anti-aircraft defences, radar detectors, better torpedoes, decoys, and Schnorchel snorkels , which allowed U-boats to run underwater off their diesel engines.

A series of battles resulted in fewer victories and more losses for UbW. After four months, BdU again called off the offensive; eight ships of 56, tons and six warships had been sunk for the loss of 39 U-boats, a catastrophic loss ratio. The Luftwaffe also introduced the long-range He bomber and Henschel Hs guided glide bomb, which claimed a number of victims, but Allied air superiority prevented them from being a major threat.

To counter Allied air power, UbW increased the anti-aircraft armament of U-boats, and introduced specially-equipped " flak boats" , which were to stay surfaced and engage in combat with attacking planes, rather than diving and evading. These developments initially caught RAF pilots by surprise. However, a U-boat that remained surfaced increased the risk of its pressure hull being punctured, making it unable to submerge, while attacking pilots often called in surface ships if they met too much resistance, orbiting out of range of the U-boat's guns to maintain contact.

Should the U-boat dive, the aircraft would attack. Immediate diving remained a U-boat's best survival tactic when encountering aircraft. According to German sources, only six aircraft were shot down by U-flak s in six missions three by U , one each by U , U and U The Germans also introduced improved radar warning units, such as Wanze.

To fool Allied sonar, the Germans deployed Bold canisters which the British called Submarine Bubble Target to generate false echoes, as well as Sieglinde self-propelled decoys. This was initially very effective, but the Allies quickly developed counter-measures, both tactical "Step-Aside" and technical " Foxer ". None of the German measures were truly effective, and by Allied air power was so strong that U-boats were being attacked in the Bay of Biscay shortly after leaving port.

The Germans had lost the technological race. Their actions were restricted to lone-wolf attacks in British coastal waters and preparation to resist the expected Operation Neptune , the invasion of France.

Over the next two years many U-boats were sunk, usually with all hands. With the battle won by the Allies, supplies poured into Britain and North Africa for the eventual liberation of Europe. The U-boats were further critically hampered after D-Day by the loss of their bases in France to the advancing Allied armies.

Designs were finalised in January but mass-production of the new types did not start until As the Allied armies closed in on the U-boat bases in North Germany, over boats were scuttled to avoid capture; those of most value attempted to flee to bases in Norway.

In the first week of May, twenty-three boats were sunk in the Baltic while attempting this journey. The last actions in American waters took place on May 5�6, , which saw the sinking of the steamer Black Point and the destruction of U and U in separate incidents.

The last actions of the Battle of the Atlantic were on May 7�8. The remaining U-boats, at sea or in port, were surrendered to the Allies, in total. Most were destroyed in Operation Deadlight after the war. The Germans failed to stop the flow of strategic supplies to Britain. This failure resulted in the build-up of troops and supplies needed for the D-Day landings. The defeat of the U-boat was a necessary precursor for accumulation of Allied troops and supplies to ensure Germany's defeat. Victory was achieved at a huge cost: between and , 3, Allied merchant ships totalling During the Second World War nearly one third of the world's merchant shipping was British.

Over 30, men from the British Merchant Navy lost their lives between and More than 2, British ships were sunk. The British officers wore uniforms very similar to those of the Royal Navy. The ordinary sailors, however, had no uniform and when on leave in Britain they sometimes suffered taunts and abuse from civilians who mistakenly thought the crewmen were shirking their patriotic duty to enlist in the armed forces.

To counter this, the crewmen were issued with an 'MN' lapel badge to indicate they were serving in the Merchant Navy. The British merchant fleet was made up of vessels from the many and varied private shipping lines, examples being the tankers of the British Tanker Company and the freighters of Ellerman and Silver Lines.

The British government, via the Ministry of War Transport MoWT , also had new ships built during the course of the war, these being known as Empire ships. In addition to its existing merchant fleet, United States shipyards built 2, Liberty ships totalling More than 70 Canadian merchant vessels were lost.

At the outbreak of the war, Canada possessed 38 ocean-going merchant vessels. By the end of hostilities, in excess of cargo ships had been built in Canada. U-boats disrupted coastal shipping from the Caribbean to Halifax, during the summer of , and even entered into battle in the Gulf of St.

Canadian officers wore uniforms which were virtually identical in style to those of the British. The ordinary seamen were issued with an 'MN Canada' badge to wear on their lapel when on leave, to indicate their service.

Before the war, Norway's Merchant Navy was the fourth largest in the world and its ships were the most modern. The Germans and the Allies both recognised the great importance of Norway's merchant fleet, and following Germany's invasion of Norway in April , both sides sought control of the ships.

He was ignored. All Norwegian ships decided to serve at the disposal of the Allies. The vessels of the Norwegian Merchant Navy were placed under the control of the government-run Nortraship , with headquarters in London and New York. Nortraship's modern ships, especially its tankers, were extremely important to the Allies. Norwegian tankers carried nearly one-third of the oil transported to Britain during the war.

At the end of the war in , the Norwegian merchant fleet was estimated at 1, ships. More than 3, Norwegian merchant seamen lost their lives. It is maintained by G. Persall [87] that "the Germans were close" to economically starving England, but they "failed to capitalize" on their early war successes. Others, including Blair [88] and Alan Levin, disagree; Levin states this is "a misperception", and that "it is doubtful they ever came close" to achieving this. The focus on U-boat successes, the "aces" and their scores, the convoys attacked, and the ships sunk, serves to camouflage the Kriegsmarine ' s manifold failures.

In particular, this was because most of the ships sunk by U-boats were not in convoys, but sailing alone, or having become separated from convoys. At no time during the campaign were supply lines to Britain interrupted [ citation needed ] ; even during the Bismarck crisis, convoys sailed as usual although with heavier escorts.

Despite their efforts, the Axis powers were unable to prevent the build-up of Allied invasion forces for the liberation of Europe. In November , at the height of the Atlantic campaign, the US Navy escorted the Operation Torch invasion fleet 3, mi 4, km across the Atlantic without hindrance, or even being detected. This may be the ultimate example of the Allied practise of evasive routing. In and the Allies transported some 3 million American and Allied servicemen across the Atlantic without significant loss.

By the USN was able to wipe out a wolf-pack suspected of carrying V-weapons in the mid-Atlantic, with little difficulty. Third, and unlike the Allies , the Germans were never able to mount a comprehensive blockade of Britain.

Nor were they able to focus their effort by targeting the most valuable cargoes, the eastbound traffic carrying war materiel. Instead they were reduced to the slow attrition of a tonnage war. To win this, the U-boat arm had to sink , GRT per month in order to overwhelm Britain's shipbuilding capacity and reduce its merchant marine strength.

In only four out of the first 27 months of the war did Germany achieve this target, while after December , when Britain was joined by the US merchant marine and ship yards the target effectively doubled. As a result, the Axis needed to sink , GRT per month; as the massive expansion of the US shipbuilding industry took effect this target increased still further. The , ton target was achieved in only one month, November , while after May average sinkings dropped to less than one tenth of that figure.

By the end of the war, although the U-boat arm had sunk 6, ships totalling 21 million GRT, the Allies had built over 38 million tons of new shipping. The reason for the misperception that the German blockade came close to success may be found in post-war writings by both German and British authors.

Blair attributes the distortion to "propagandists" who "glorified and exaggerated the successes of German submariners", while he believes Allied writers "had their own reasons for exaggerating the peril". Dan van der Vat suggests that, unlike the US, or Canada and Britain's other dominions, which were protected by oceanic distances, Britain was at the end of the transatlantic supply route closest to German bases; for Britain it was a lifeline.

It is this which led to Churchill's concerns. These were "over-pessimistic threat assessments ", Blair concludes: "At no time did the German U-boat force ever come close to winning the Battle of the Atlantic or bringing on the collapse of Great Britain". Historians disagree about the relative importance of the anti-U-boat measures.

Max Hastings states that "In alone, Ultra [breaking the German code] saved between 1. Obviously this subdivision of the data ignores many other defensive measures the Allies developed during the war, so interpretation must be constrained. Codebreaking by itself did not decrease the losses, which continued to rise ominously. More U-boats were sunk, but the number operational had more than tripled. The development of the improved radar by the Allies began in , before the United States entered the war, when Henry Tizard and A.

Hill won permission to share British secret research with the Americans, including bringing them a cavity magnetron , which generates the needed high-frequency radio waves. The battle of the Atlantic also resulted in civilian deaths. Hundreds died at sea as they tried to escape the bombings and evacuate to safer countries such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India.

Of the passengers on board, drowned. The day after, Hitler ordered that no more attacks were to be made on passenger ships. Despite this, many more ships were torpedoed by German U-boats over the war years, many killing civilians. One of the most famous tragedies was the sinking of SS City of Benares on 17 September , miles km off the coast of Ireland.

It was carrying passengers, of whom were children evacuees, [] of which 87 children and adults drowned. Not all attacks were as deadly, such as the sinking of the City of Simla , which sank off the coast of Glasgow, resulting in three dead and survivors.

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