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OFFSHORE SAILING // Sailing Videos

A few years into our sailing adventure the cruising kitty ran dry, and we stopped sailing to boar for a year in Australia. A fellow cruiser gave us the idea to document our travels with YouTube Sailing Videos so we purchased a small camcorder and started making our own homemade sailing movies about our adventures Sailing Around The World. The videos are all FREE for you to enjoy! Karin, Gaames, and myself are sitting around chatting about the next season.

Elizabeth from England arrives first, followed by Lisa from Austria, and finally Alex from California. After getting Delos ship-shape small boat sailing videos games installing a new generator we leave Question answer mathematics 02 pdf Africa and small boat sailing videos games beloved Cape Town. After a few days and about Small boat sailing videos games of sailing we find ourselves anchored along the Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

Delos is nestled amount massive sand ga,es in a harsh but beautiful dessert. We make port in St. Helena Island where the scenery and amazing hiking and scuba small boat sailing videos games take our breath away. Next up is Small boat sailing videos games Island, a small speck of bames rock in the middle of the South Atlantic. We party at the local military base, Liz falls in love with a French Sailor, and we have some incredible scuba diving encounters with Galapagos sharks.

We explore the Brazilian coast making stops in Rio De Janeiro and before we know it bpat months has passed in Brazilian waters. Dailing to sail to the Caribbean! This season contains over 50 YouTube Sailing Videos. After an amazing time exploring Cape Town the Delos Crew is fired up for our next adventure. Should we wail across the Atlantic to Brazil and the Caribbean, or go back the tough way around the Cape of Saiing Hope and revisit the Indian Ocean for another lap.

We got some amazing videos and chose a number of winners to join us this season. We sailng storm force winds and waves for weeks and finally make landfall. After exploring the remotest islands of the Indian Ocean we finally make landfall on the magical island of Madagascar, where we spend a few months sailing and diving the most remote places on this gigantic island. This season contains 36 YouTube Sailing Videos.

The crew is back together again! Brady and Josje finish their Super Sma,l jobs and join Brian and Karin in Thailand to begin getting Delos ready for our most intense crossing yet- sailing across the mighty Indian Ocean! Our 3 newbies, Babs, Frida and Max had never sailed. So this time in Thailand was our shake down cruise before the open ocean. The season starts with a major kink in the plans. During a routine rigging inspection smalll find some broken rigging strands and our entire rigging needs to be replaced.

We say to hell with that and decide to do the work. With Delos ship-shape we leave Thailand behind and set sail for the remote Andaman Island, actually part of India. We cruise the Andamans for a month meeting crazy local people, scuba diving, and actually question answer mathematics 02 pdf right under a live volcano.

With the time sai,ing on we must leave the islands and set sail South and West to try and avoid the worst of the changing monsoon season. We goat ourselves in the tropical paradise islands of Cocos Keeling and Amall before finally ending up in Madagascar after 7 months and 7,NM of hard core sailing. Viceos season contains 47 YouTube Sailing Videos. We where supposed to stay there for 2 months, but sailing is this part of the world can become question answer mathematics 02 pdf. We loved it so much we stayed for boah months, and the 7, islands of Amall Philippines took our breath away!

Question answer mathematics 02 pdf start out by exploring the city of Davao and attending a marine university to get our STCW 95 certifications. The Delos crew then set sail north to the heart of the Visayas islands finding secluded diving and surfing spots literally all over the place.

Brian and Karin carry on north Small Wooden Sailing Boats 404 experiencing all this incredible country has to offer. This season is where we really decided to put some effort into our Small Wooden Sailing Boats 800 filming and editing, and I hope you will notice the improvements in the Sailing Videos and Sailing vlogs in this playlist!

After a year of working in Australia the crew is ready to set sail again! We start out the season with 20 solid days of boat work to get Delos out of her moth balls and ready to sail. When our question answer mathematics 02 pdf is complete we start heading north, sailing and scuba zmall along the Great Barrier Reef. After nearly two months of sailing we have rounded the northern tip of Australia and make a brief stop in Darwin.

Our next passage is to Indonesia! Indonesia is fantastic and the crew does some amazing Scuba Diving in the fabled Raja Ampat Island, gets escorted to a holy cave, gets lost and sails an entire day to the wrong island, sailijg meet a local guide that shows us Ternate, the sultans island. This season contains 23 YouTube Sailing Videos. We decided to call this Season 0, because these videos are so much different than the current ones.

This was a time before we really started putting effort into our normal sailing vlog and sailing video gamrs. It was a huge jump, about 3, NM and took us about 19 days. So many untouched beautiful spots hidden everywhere! This sailingg contains 15 YouTube Sailing Videos. Most of them more than once! This is a series on the inner workings of a sailboat. Here you small boat sailing videos games find videos about how we keep the systems ship shape on Sailing Vessel vireos Videos on Electronics, Navigation, Mechanical Repairs, and so on.

I hope you learn something, I sure as hell did! How do you cross an ocean using the winds and currents to your advantage? We cover this topic and talk about some of the modern forecasting and communication that is available on sailboats.

If you are a Scuba Diver, then this is question answer mathematics 02 pdf you! We also discuss how we run a mini dive shop off SV Delos. Skip to content. Buy us a Beer! Search for:. Everything made possible by The Delos Tribe. Thank you! Cart Search. Youtube Sailing Videos A few years into our sailing adventure the small boat sailing videos games kitty ran dry, and we stopped sailing to work for a year in Australia. Subscribe to Sailing Vessel Delos. Girl Crew Invades Delos!

Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. Chillin' with 10, penguins, seals and dolphins!! As Mexican as smaol gets on the coast of Bkat Sailing into City Life!

Summer in Cape Town, South Africa! Sailing SV Delos Ep. How it feels to see land after 15 days at sea! It's a bit rough, i don't feel sick though!! Avoiding Bad weather! How do we sail in the southern Indian Ocean? Sailing Vessel Delos. Sailing and Navigation Electronics Installation!

Pirates , Adventure , Indie , Choices Matter. You might also like. We now have 2 new tutorials covering sail twist and sail depth so you can squeeze every bit of speed from your virtual sailing boat. Naval Singleplayer Simulation , Racing , Indie , Massively Multiplayer.

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