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The high-pressure air floor is more solid than most rafts but is still less stable than hard floored tenders. The narrow beam allows you to explore smaller creeks with ease. The Sea Hawk is a 4 person inflatable fishing boat that includes inflatable seats, an I-beam air floor, and a motor mount.

These rafts are reasonably priced, and with the addition of some accessories like coolers with seats and custom-made plywood floors, can make the best 4 person inflatable boat at a low cost.

Intex manufactures a variety of inflatable items, from boats and water toys to air mattresses and pools. Rafts are best suited for calm lakes and slow-moving rivers and streams. They hold a lot of gear and can be easily outfitted for a great day of fishing. The optional motor mount, when coupled with an electric trolling motor, can turn this simple raft into a great fishing boat.

While they carry a lot of people and gear, inflatable raft designs tend to be limited in their ability to be rowed and controlled in rough conditions. Slightly smaller than the Intex Sea Hawk raft, the HydroForce Voyager is an inflatable fishing raft suitable for two adults and one child. Bestway Products manufactures several inflatable rafts for fishing designs along with above ground pools, inflatable furniture, and water toys.

The HydroForce Voyage is a great pick if you are looking to spend your days fishing on calm lakes and bays with one or two people. If you want a smaller sized raft, the HydroForce Voyage is a great pick. With room for one or two anglers and gear, keep the boat smaller means that it will be easier to transport and easier to row in open waters.

The Teton inflatable fishing tube is a no-frills fishing float from Classic Accessories, and is a great value.

Lots of storage is built into the armrests, and the inflatable seat is comfortable for long days on the water. Classic Accessories, the same company that brings you the Colorado pontoon boat and the Cumberland tube, makes the Teton.

Classic Accessories makes some of the best inflatable fishing boats. The Teton features a one-year warranty. If you are a fisherman who is used to wading into shallow waters and exploring remote areas on peaceful rivers and calm lakes, this float will give you more range and a comfortable platform. The comfortable inflatable chair and storage compartments make this one of the best rafts for fishing � and with fins, you can explore deeper waters in your favorite fishing hole.

Tube fishing floats are a great way to relax on the water at your favorite fishing hole. With fins, you can explore a little farther from shore, but be aware that in high winds or currents these tubes can be difficult to control.

The Intex Excursion 5 person inflatable boat is listed as the top inflatable boat for fishing. This large raft carries a big load and has a lot of space for gear. With the optional motor mount and an electric trolling motor or small outboard, this boat makes a great fishing platform for lakes and bays. Intex, who also brings you the Sea Hawk and Mariner-4 rafts, brings you this five-person large raft suitable for the whole family.

Intex makes rafts, boats, inflatable pools, and furniture. If you frequent calm lakes and are looking for a raft with a large capacity, the Excursion 5 person is a great pick.

This boat has enough capacity to setup however you like. Many users have made custom wood floors and seats for the boat to make a comfortable fishing platform. The motor mount and a trolling motor are great additions to this big raft. The Excursion 5 person raft is perfect anglers looking to take the whole family fishing. Since it is a bigger raft, consider an optional motor mount with an electric or gas outboard to keep it under control. The Goplus inflatable boat is available in a two or four person dinghy.

These boats feature a time-tested design with a hard transom suitable for larger outboards up to ten horsepower for the 4 man inflatable boat, and hard floors you can stand on. Goplus manufactures inflatable paddleboards, dinghies, exercise equipment, and assorted other tools and equipment. Their inflatable boats feature a one-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. Suitable for fishing, exploring, or to use as a yacht tender, these boats are sturdy enough to handle rough conditions and take you wherever you want to go.

These boats can handle a lot of horsepower and can move very quickly while being stable and having a large carrying capacity. The Mariner 4 is an Intex 4 person inflatable boat with a lot of room for gear and friends. The boat comes with everything you need to hit the water: inflatable seats, oars, air pump, and even rod holders. At its low price point, the Mariner 4 might be the best inflatable boat for fishermen working on calm rivers and lakes.

Intex Recreation manufactures inflatable vessels and towables for fun days on the water. The company also makes above ground swimming pools and air beds. This four-person rowboat is perfect for carrying more people or more gear.

There is plenty of space for two to fish from this stable platform. Since the boat is entirely inflatable, it stores smaller than boats with frames. Unlike other raft designs, the Mariner 4 features a paneled plastic floor, making the boat more rigid and more stable. The design would not hold up to the rigors of a fast-moving river or a choppy bay, so you will want to limit your boating to calm, relaxing lakes and other protected areas if you do not add a motor.

Inflatable boats make an excellent option for fishing. They provide excellent stability and come in a wide range of hull designs perfect for any fisherman. Simple fishing tubes are great for anglers looking to take their wading one step further, and rafts make a great choice for calm rivers, lakes, and bays.

If you want a sturdy boat that will be safe in all conditions and can take you a little farther a little faster, consider a dinghy design with a hard transom. These boats can take larger outboard motors and can move quickly on plane. The durability of inflatable boats depends on two factors: how well it is constructed and how it is used. Most inflatable vessels are made from thick PVC panels, but the construction of the seams and the thickness of materials varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

A lightly used vessel that is stored most of the time indoors will provide years of use. The most damaging thing to inflatable boats is UV rays from the sun. Inflatable vessels are usually made with very heavy-duty PVC vinyl fabric. This material is extremely puncture resistant and easily repaired. Entry level boats will have thinner material that is less resistant to puncture and wears quicker.

Higher quality vessels have a thick PVC layer with other materials for maximum durability. They are designed to last for years of use. In general, inflatable boats are incredibly stable. With large air chambers or tubes providing lots of buoyancy to the outer edges of the vessel, inflatable boats are not tippy like traditional row boats or canoes.

One of the most significant factors affecting how stable a boat feels, is the construction of the floor. Hard floors with either plastic, wood, or aluminum floor boards tend to feel the most stable and allow you to stand up in the boat. You should not need to clean your boat with more than simple soap and water. If it does get dirty, special inflatable boat cleaners are available that are safe to use on the vinyl.

PVC is very resistant to chemicals and stains, but you will want to avoid solvents that could damage the glue and seams on your boat. The most effective thing to protect your boat is to keep it out of the sun when you store it. In the short term, avoiding sharp rocks, nails, and other items that can puncture your craft is critical. While the material is hardy, it is not puncture proof. This is the best inflatable fishing boat for the money, and its stable pontoon design allows for lots of maneuverability.

It is easily rowed or powered with an electric trolling motor. Search for: Search. Skip to content Enjoying the great outdoors can allow you to feel connected to the world and relax in ways that may have eluded you, and a great way to find that relaxation is to search out the best inflatable fishing boat for money.

Why buy an inflatable fishing boat? What materials are used in the best inflatable boats? Types Of Inflatable Boats The lightest weight and most portable version of an inflatable fishing craft is the fishing float tube. How big a boat do I need? Should I buy a motor or paddles?

Key Features and Benefits Type: inflatable hard-floor dinghy with a hard transom Size: This is a great choice for fishing friends who enjoy guiding each other � one angler can pole or paddle the boat while sighting for fish, and the other can actively cast and target fish from the bow! Unfortunately, there are no real oar locks with this option forcing you to paddle it rather than row it so covering a lot of water without the use of the trolling motor will be difficult.

This option will excel above and beyond your expectations depending on the angling context more than anything. Solo anglers or fishing pairs poling or trolling around low energy tidal flats, estuaries, and lakes will love the stability, space and portability of this vessel while those trying to tackle moving water will likely find it too cumbersome and awkward to effectively navigate.

Good news is, the price is right! The cost of this unique inflatable fishing boat is excellent even before you consider the included accessories, so budget buyers should absolutely look into this one! The Colorado XTS Inflatable Fishing Pontoon Boat by Classic Accessories is a killer choice for gear-heavy anglers seeking a highly capable personal vessel for more intensive days of fishing. This bad boy is great for leisurely days fishing on still water and is also suitable for running rivers in place of a raft or drift boat depending on your paddling experience.

There is also a trolling motor mount and a designated battery platform for those that enjoy utilizing some propulsion. Classic Accessories has included all the bells and whistles with this one � extensive storage and organization potential, a padded swivel seat, a two-position built-in anchor system, integrated cup holders and fly patches, integrated stripping basket, and more! The removable side pockets can even be used as a portable gear bag when detached, Classic Accessories has really thought this one through!

Perhaps best of all, there is a stowable transport wheel that enables the solo fishermen to easily put their pontoon boat in, and pull it out of the water for transport with ease � a massively underrated feature when you consider the difficulties of moving a lightweight, but cumbersome one-man boat design such as this. Read more about the Colorado XTS and an array of comparable options in our top list of the best inflatable pontoon boats!

Anglers seeking a solo fishing vessel with higher capabilities than a float tube or kayak will be wise to give this one a look. You can brave rivers and moving water with the Streamer XL-IR depending on your rowing experience and attach a trolling motor if you choose to � two pivotal fishing details that cannot really be executed by inflatable kayaks nor float tubes.

This pontoon boat also seats you higher up on the water than alternative inflatable options other than standing on a SUP and provides more coherent and extensive storage. This mini pontoon boat is just 8 feet long and 4.

What sets this pontoon boat apart from cheaper solo alternatives such as the Roanoke by Classic Accessories , is the superior design of the frame, and added durability of the materials overall. The Streamer is highly responsive to both rowing, and kicking using your own fins, so however you choose to move this vessel, it will listen closely to your commands.

This option is furthermore quite easy to store and transport � set up takes as little as 15 minutes and its smaller size allows for far easier storage without having to necessarily break it all the way down. Leisurely lake fishermen and backcountry adventure anglers alike will love the razor-sharp precision and long term durability of this stellar one-man inflatable option from Outcast.

Fishing still water with or without a trolling motor and running rivers are both a go in this impressively capable boat. The frame can furthermore be modified into a one-man fishing boat, giving you the option to convert this tandem pontoon boat into a solo-unit if and when you choose to,. Coming in at 13 feet long and 5. This is not a suitable option for those seeking a grab-and-go vessel and is better off left assembled for the fishing season than it is deployed and broken down every time you want to hit the water.

That being said, its larger size and more intensive frame gives the Fish Cat 13 a pound weight capacity, so this is a more serious boat for the serious angler. Anglers in search of a do-anything, go- almost anywhere tandem fishing vessel, however, will love the versatility, toughness, and performance of this option.

The Body Glove Mariner Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard is a streamlined SUP option for one or two anglers that tracks well and moves fast while also including an awesome array of integrated fishing features and add-ons.

The brand recently sent me a Mariner to field test, and I had no issue checking it on an international flight to Mexico where myself and a companion proceeded to explore tidal flats, jungle lagoons, and reef systems at the push of an air-pump! Bottom line, this bad boy sets up and breaks down in a matter of minutes and stores within a backpack-style roller bag for simplified transport. The Mariner is 11 feet long, 34 inches wide and 5. Body Glove has even integrated Scotty attachment points for securing fishing accessories and rod holders � pretty neat huh?

The simplicity of the Mariner is what makes it such a killer fishing craft � just inflate and go! This purchase includes a dual-action pump, 3-piece adjustable paddle, ankle leash, repair kit, carry-all backpack, and cell phone dry pouch. All in all, an excellent value even before the added accessories.

The Sea Eagle Inflatable FishSUP is a particularly large fishing-specific paddleboard option that can accommodate multiple anglers, an array of accessories, and even a trolling motor making it one of the ultimate portable stand-up vessels. Angling pairs who are sighting for fish on lakes, ponds, or tidal flats will love the freedom to stand, scan, and actively fish off of this You could even put a third passenger or a canine companion on this SUP if everyone on board has reasonably good balancing ability � the possibilities are endless!

The FishSUP is even suitable as checked baggage on most airlines if you leave the seating behind, so go ahead and take it on your next exciting fishing trip away from home! This package deal includes a swivel seat, motor mount, 4 rod holders, SUP and kayak paddles, a storage bag for the bow, air pump and the carry backpack! If you choose to pair this highly equipped fishing SUP with a trolling motor, then rear rod mounts allow for easy trolling.

Anglers seeking a highly portable SUP for stand-up fishing that offers a particularly stable fishing platform and array of integrated features will be delighted to discover the Sea Eagle FishSUP. This unit has truly checked all the bases that make this style fishing vessel so awesome!

The Outcast Fish Cat 5 Float Tube is without a doubt one of the best value and overall quality float tubes on the market for solo anglers seeking a particularly comfortable and capable kick boat option. Featuring a pound weight capacity, this is a suitable kick boat for most anglers.

The hydrodynamic hull is great for tracking and trolling compared to most other traditional float tube options, and the seating is firm and nicely elevated for both sighting for fish, as well as casting a fly rod. Low profile storage pockets feature nice organization potential for the given amount of space, and D-rings are present for external gear attachment for items like your net or creel.

Read more about the Fish Cat 5 and our other favorite float tube options within our list of the best fishing float tubes and see why this kick boat is one of our top picks within this category of inflatable fishing vessels.

If kicking back and relaxing is half the reason you enjoy fishing, then this versatile fishing companion ought to be on your radar. Coming in at 6.

You can either utilize the included oars, or use your fins to kick this boat around, making it highly versatile in terms of how you maneuver it. You can think of it as a float tube on steroids featuring higher than average mobility and storage potential. A fillable mesh bag anchor system features cleat and pulley controls and can be set up on either side of the boat for staying in position, while two detachable storage bags on either armrest provide space for all your essentials and more.

An additional removable storage bag behind the seat adds even more space for cumbersome gear. While gear storage and integrated fishing features are often limited, most inflatable kayaks break down remarkably compact for super easy storage and transport. Some are in fact so portable that you can even pack them into their storage bags or backpacks and hike into more remote fishing destinations.

Many inflatable kayaks are furthermore impressively capable on the water, even able to handle whitewater conditions. These vessels also move fast depending on your paddling strength, allowing you to cover a lot more water than most alternative inflatable options. Inflatable pontoon boats are a unique option that are available for both solo fishermen and angling pairs that offer particularly solid stability, and oftentimes extensive storage and organization potential.

Some pontoons are furthermore quite capable in moving water and are therefore suitable for running rapids and overnight river trips! Our top list of the best inflatable pontoon boats has compiled all of our favorites, but our top fishing-specific picks include:.

SUPs, or stand up paddleboards, are not to be ignored when considering the pros and cons of the various inflatable fishing vessel options. These remarkably compact inflatables allow you to safely and securely stand up while actively angling, and furthermore are oftentimes integrated with fishing-specific features.

Some SUPs can accommodate multiple anglers, and have a fairly high gear capacity despite their simplistic design. They furthermore break down particularly well compared to virtually every fishing vessel category out there, making SUPs the ultimate go-to when it comes to travel and adventure angling. You can easily check an inflatable SUP on an international flight and have your own mini poling skiff for exploring tidal flats, alpine lakes, and backcountry streams wherever your angling destination is!

Float tubes are great personal fishing vessels that offer particularly easy portability. This inflatable fishing boat style is comfortable, easy to get down to the water and maneuver, and affordable. While many float tube options are minimalist in their design and are simply intended to get you on the water, some are more equipped with integrated fishing features than others.

Built-in anchor mounts, stripping baskets, rod holders and gear storage are all available, so think twice about owning a float tube if you previously assumed they were just glorified pool toys. While our list of the best fishing float tubes has compiled all of our top options, a few of our highlighted favorites are as follows:. Here are a few of our top picks for inflatable options that accommodate for two or more anglers and their gear:. Seeking a particularly affordable fishing vessel that won't break the bank?

It can be tough finding a wallet-friendly watercraft that will perform the way you need it to, fortunately there are quite a few inflatable options that are offered at a more than reasonable price point. A few of our favorite inflatable fishing boats for a variety of angling styles and applications that are offered at a lower cost include:.

Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. By Harry Spampinato. Updated Jan 12, at am. Newport Vessels Inflatable Sport Dinghies. Outcast Commander Boat. Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Fishing Kayak. Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat.

Outcast Fish Cat 5 Float Tube. Shop at Amazon. Cons: Fairly expensive option, although you still get more than you pay for with this one Limited storage and organization potential Difficult to move on your own once assembled, so if fishing solo be sure to inflate this vessel at the water's edge.

Cons: Fairly expensive Although there is plenty of on-board storage space, these boats lack organization potential Included aluminum oars are not of impressive quality. Pros: 7 feet long, 3 feet and 3 inches wide Total weight of 21 pounds and max weight capacity of pounds Carry bag AND fully assembled boat feature backpack straps enabling super easy transport Two integrated rod holders Four tracking strips on the hull aid in stabilzation and steering Two zippered side pockets for stashing gear with built-in cup holders Two integrated inch fish rulers on either side of the boat Molded oar locks and carry handles.

Cons: Not a great choice for those looking to cover a lot of water Cockpit will be a bit tight for 14 Ft Flat Bottom Boat Motor Unit larger anglers Integrated rod holders will not accomodate fly rods.

Pros: 10 feet long and 47 inches wide Weighs just 32 pounds and features a max load capacity Open cockpit allows for standing in shallow water or for kicking with fins on Ample storage space behind the seat IGS sleeves are integrated on both sides in order to attach pockets and rod holder mounts Low profile design helps to reduce wind drag Integrated stripping basket Packs into a compact carry bag for go-anywhere portability denier PVC construction is super tough against abrasions and puncture 5 year limited warranty.

Cons: Fairly expensive option considering the minimalist design Some might not like the open-deck design and would prefer to keep dry - it's a matter of both preference and fishing context Top speed and ability to track is not terribly impressive.

Pros: Ultralight option at just 35 pounds featuring a load capacity of pounds 8 feet long and 4. IGSystem integrates PVC sleeves with a movable base that accept cargo pockets, rod holders, and anchors Built with urethane bladders, whitewater quality valves, and a durable PVC shell, this option is suitable for running whitewater depending on your experience Stern platform can hold up to a 20 pound anchor or alternative gear Removable stripping basket accommodates fly fishermen.

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