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The name Atkin has long been associated with the best in basic boats. If you are looking for "the right little boat" to Plywood Cruising Sailboat Plans Re build -- or have built -- or if you just like to dream over boat plans -- you'll be delighted with the wooden boat design collections of John () and Free Sailboat Plans Plywood 5g William () Atkin, which are now being sold by John's widow, Pat. STANLEY SmallCraft was started in designing and restoring small boats. I now have a portfolio of over designs and some of those became our stock designs for the plans, kits and complete boats we have on offer from this website. All of them have been built and used many times by .

A junk sail scow pocket cruiser with a cockpit and a cabin with two bunks. Twin keels version Daguerboard version. If you order from us, we use a secure third party who collects the necessary order details and processes the payment. William small plywood sailboat plans co John Atkin in the office at Anchordown in the late s or early s. Vaka Offshore cruising proa - both tacking canoe or shunting proa - Both cruising and sport version small plywood sailboat plans co Stitch and glue building - weight kg - SA Allen in the "Boat Builders Handbook".

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