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Small pontoon -- Frequently Asked Questions
Average cost of a pontoon boat based on size. A single person inflatable pontoon boat will usually be less than $ Here is an example. A small pontoon boat that can accommodate about two people can be purchased for less than $2,, like this one, or as much as $14, depending on construction material. A medium pontoon boat that can accommodate up to six people can cost up to $22, A large pontoon boat can cost up to $47, and can accommodate about a dozen people.� Small pontoon boat: Pontoon boats that are less than 20 feet in Small Pontoon Boats California Video length are referred to as small pontoon boats. They have a width between 6 to 8 feet along with two pontoons installed underneath of around 24 inches diameters each. � ������� ������ ��������� ����� ��������� � ���� ������� ��������������. Pontoon boats have been one of the great success stories of the boating world during the past decade, as their popularity exploded in the midwestern U.S. and then expanded to reach from coast Pictures Of Small Pontoon Boats Kit to coast. As a result, in recent years we�ve seen a huge number of new models hit the market�including some pontoon boats designed to be serious fishing boats, others that are designed purely as luxury pontoon boats, and yet others that are high-performance pontoons. So, what are the latest and greatest to hit the water in the past 12 months?� But we didn�t spot indications of cost-cutting anywhere. Quite to the contrary, we kicked back in rather luxurious pillow-top loungers, enjoyed the shade of a large standard Bimini top, and zipped around the lake at speeds in excess of 40 MPH.

Kennedy's Paddle Boats, or Pedal Boats as some call them, are unique in comfort and design. These personal sized small pontoon boats have almost 50 square feet of carpeted deck area. There is room for sun tanning, diving or fishing. Kennedy's Electric Mini Toons are small personal sized electric pontoons or electric pedal boats.

With nearly 50 square feet of carpeted deck area, there is room enough for sun tanning, diving or fishing. Kennedy's Outboard Mini Toons are ideal for those who want compact personal sized small pontoons for smaller protected waterways or horsepower restricted lakes. A carpeted deck of nearly 50 square feet provides ample room for fishing, sun tanning or swimming. This Super Sport pontoon provides both the convenience and maneuverability of a narrower beam small pontoon boat.

Kennedy's Sundeck Model small pontoon boat offers many features and performance not normally seen in the "Compact Pontoon" market. The full-width rear sundeck area is perfect for sun tanning. Email Us. Small Pontoon Boats. Small Pontoons for Sale at Kennedy Pontoons.

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