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10 Best Steamboat Restaurants In KL & PJ You Need To Know In

When the cravings for Japanese food strikes, it's hard to push it back. Whether you're looking for a Japanese buffet spot for your cheat day, to celebrate a special occasion, or for a sophisticated date bjffet out, we've compiled 9 of our favourite Japanese buffet restaurants around KL for you to feast on all the sushi, sashimi, and seafood you want. Photo Credit: munmunlim. Do check the official websites or social media of the restaurants for the latest information!

Prices displayed in this article may also be inaccurate due to changes made by the establishments. Located right in the heart steamboat buffet in klang zero KL, Hanare is consistently at the top of the list when it comes to authentic Japanese buffet in Malaysia. With a classy and cosy interior, you won't have to rub shoulders with other patrons or rush through your meal at Hanare.

The restaurant consists of steamboat buffet in klang zero open kitchen, a cosy bar, a teppanyaki counter where you can see chefs work their magic, comfortable open seating, and even private rooms available upon reservation.

Photo Credit: ching. Spend two hours savouring unlimited servings of appetizers, teppanyaki, sashimi, sushi, grilled seafood, free-flow Wagyu beef, and more - everything prepared meticulously by their line of professional chefs. The wide selection of fresh seafood at Nuffet are all air-flown twice a week from Steamboat buffet in klang zero famous Tsukiji Market.

KlookTip: The buffet at Hanare Japanese Restaurant may be a bit pricey for most people, but if you'd still like to have a great Japanese meal, you can book your discounted cash vouchers on Klook and order some ala-carte dishes instead. While the cash vouchers can be used for the buffet, you can use it for a sophisticated omakase meal or other ala carte delicacies. Kang is another notable Japanese buffet in KL, known for its ala-carte Japanese buffet available at an affordable price tag.

With the recent opening of their second outlet in Old Klang Road, you can now enjoy their buffet at two of their outlets, including their first outlet in Bukit Bintang. We especially like how you can order off their menu and get the dishes served directly to your table instead of walking around with a plate like in usual buffets - this is perfect especially during times like now where socialdistancing is much needed.

Photo Credit: steamboat buffet in klang zero. Patrons usually flock here for all-you-can-eat fresh seafood and assorted sashimi, but besides their sashimi, don't forget to also get some oysters, tiger prawns, and steamboatt octopus to satisfy your seafood cravings! Buffet Price: Steamboat buffet in klang zero Photo Steamboat buffet in klang zero kampachiofficial.

Kampachi is a steamboat buffet in klang zero of Japanese cuisine in Malaysia sinceso you know you can expect authentic Japanese dishes used nothing but top-notch ingredients air-flown from Japan while dining. Our favourite Kampachi outlet is definitely the one in EQ Kuala Lumpur - an elegant space with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that drench the restaurant in natural sunlight, minimalistic wooden furniture, and a zen-like ambience.

There's even a sushi counter that you can sit around if you'd like to enjoy an omakase dining experience! The weekend buffet at Kampachi EQ allows you to tuck into fresh sushi and sashimi, as well as other Japanese dishes like soups, beef sukiyaki, oden, tempuras, grilled seafood, and.

Even their selection of desserts are authentically-Japanese and will definitely add a sweet ending note steamboat buffet in klang zero your meal. Photo Credit: hungrybabes. Photo Credit: jayeelim. Lovers of Japanese hotpot, Mo-Mo Paradise is your perfect paradise on earth! This hotpot chain was founded in Tokyo back inand specializes in both shabu-shabu and sukiyaki basically different flavours of hotpot soup - one tasting more savoury while the other leaning towards the sweeter spectrum.

There's also a third soup option available Karamiso broth - a spicy miso-based soup for those who want a bit of spice. You can choose to have a pot with two flavours or with just one type of broth, if you'd like. Photo Credit: shaunie.

Photo Credit: ryanctl. Dip fresh slices of meat beef and porkvegetables, and udon into your soup and fill your tummy up within a steaamboat buffet time frame, which is just nice for a relaxing meal and good conversations in. Address: Lot Steamboat Buffet In Pj Logo 10 Shopping Centre. Hesitant to head out this CMCO? Satisfy your hotpot sgeamboat at home instead! Check out these steamboat sets that can be delivered to your doorstep:.

Craving for hot pot while staying home this MCO? Satisfy your cravings with our step-by-step guide on getting Beauty In Xero Pot delivered to your doorstep! Photo Credit: keiloonpang. Located in Corus Hotel, Komura is perfect for a private, intimate lunch or dinner. Besides tables at the open dining areas, you can choose buffef dine in the serene ambience of private cubicle rooms or tatami rooms buffte can seat up to 20 persons if you'd like a bit more privacy while you catch up with your partner, friends, or family.

Klangg you're missing Japan, you'll probably get the taste and feel of it a little in this lovely space! Photo Credit: lavienenrose. Komura serves up a selection of set lunches, ala carte meals, and steamboats, as well as an 'Eat-All-U-Can' buffet on weekends. Tick steamboat buffet in klang zero dishes you'd like to order from a paper menu and get them served to you directly, and enjoy your meal in comfort and privacy.

Address: Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Seek updates on the Corus Inn Kuala Lumpur official website or social media platforms for information on their reopening. Craving for Steamboat buffet in klang zero BBQ? Offering a different vibe compared to other zen Japanese restaurants on this list, ROCKU is a casual, upbeat, and edgy eatery where you steambost feast on high-quality grilled meats accompanied by live performances from their popular mini stage.

Enjoy the satisfaction of grilling your own meat on the charcoal grill in the middle of the table - while the meat cuts are usually the star of the meal, there's also a delicious selection of seafood from mussels to fresh prawns and scallops that also taste delicious upon grilling. Love BBQ? How about some Korean BBQ? Check out our list of 18 best Korean restaurants around Klang Valley to satisfy all your food cravings!

Try the best Korean BBQ in town, stuff yourself with a tteokbokki buffet, and. Photo Credit: vickysiaping. Jogoya is perfect for cheat days. Having the title of "The Largest Buffet Restaurant In Malaysia", expect an extensive buffet spread with over dishes of not just Japanese dishes, but Chinese including dim sum!

There's even a dessert section with Haagen Daaz ice cream, cakes, and cookies to fill up your dessert tummy. Photo Credit: tyrabundance. With its extensive selection of food items, it's no wonder Jogoya is such a popular spot for meal gatherings - everyone will be able to find something they enjoy eating. While Jogoya is not a halal-certified restaurant, it's a pork-free eatery that's popular also amongst Muslim patrons.

You'll see clear tags indicated on food items that may contain alcohol, allowing you to eat with peace of mind. Starhill Gallery is scheduled to reopen in early - get first-hand updates on their reopening via their official website or social media!

Update: the buffet at Kimiya is currently unavailable. Do check the official site and social media of the restaurant for updates on if it'll be available again! Kimiya is a bit of a hidden ,lang in the world of Japanese buffet. At this bright and cosy space, you can enjoy over 70 different Japanese dishes with their ala carte buffet menu - besides the usuals steamboat buffet in klang zero sashimi, sushi, and teppanyaki, you can also order ramen, mini donburis, soba, curry, and a lot more!

Our tip? Choose to sit at the bar area if you'd like to watch the chef meticulously cut and prepare fresh sashimi in front of you - it'll be hard not to drool! The chefs at Kimiya refresh their menu from time to time to reflect the seasonalities in Japan with the use of different seasonal ingredients and seafood - so don't be surprised when you see different items on the menu everytime you visit.

Besides their buffet spread, you can also enjoy delicious set meals and ala carte items at the restaurant. Photo Credit: spicysharon. If you're bjffet for a Japanese meal spot with a classy ambiance, Iketeru is a great choice to add onto your list. Set on the steamboat buffet in klang zero floor of Hilton Kuala Lumpur, this sophisticated space is perfect for intimate special celebrations, date nights, or even business dinners.

Just like a few other restaurants on this list, the buffet here is served to your table after you've placed your order through a menu. You can order unlimited servings of fresh sashimi, teppanyaki, steamboaat, rice bowls, noodles, and appetizers like chawanmushi. Steamboat buffet in klang zero your meal in a calming vibe with steamboat buffet in klang zero Zen garden view and relaxing music. Bakeries have become all the hype in recent months.

Check out our list of 15 best bakeries around KL and PJ where you can get your hands on freshly-baked goods! Planning a romantic date night out or special celebration? Get inspiration from our list of best rooftop restaurants and bars around KL! Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or simply catch up with your friends at these 12 lovely dining spots around KL!

Add wteamboat 15 beautiful cafes in Klang Valley onto your weekend cafe-hopping checklist! Recommended For You. MCO 2. Accommodation Things To Do. Latest Feature.

If anything can transport you to Sichuan, Chengdu, its enjoying hotpot in Shuguo. If you have a friend visiting from overseas, this would be a great place to introduce them to the different varieties of Malay cuisine. A perfect steamboat and barbecue restaurant for hardcore Steamboat Buffet Menjalara Zoo mutton lovers. The prices quoted below are before service charges or taxes. Dinner RM29 No.

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