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The Top 6 Restaurants for the Best Steamboat Buffets in Singapore []
3. Flaming Steamboat Buffet. Source. Strategically located just beside Sunway Pyramid, this particular Steamboat outlet is popular with locals, especially during the fasting month of Ramadhan when special discounts are rampant � it�s a perfect halal-certified hangout for a group of racially mixed friends to comfortably dine in.� This shabu-shabu buffet steamboat is also really hygienic, as everyone gets a personal pot of soup slotted on their side of the table. You get to control the temperature of your own pot!� Tiger Brewery: Guided Beer Tour & Tasting In Singapore�s Jurong West. 9 Hidden Cafes & Restaurants In Your Neighbourhood To Bring The Fam To Instead Of Town. Deals For DBS / POSB Cardmembers. Book now ONEPOT Steamboat Buffet (already reservations). HOT POT restaurant in Singapore, Central, Casual Dining.� Please note Eatigo customers are to book 30 minutes in advance Lunch Buffet � AM to PM Dinner Buffet � 4 PM to 2 AM (Last serving at 1AM) *Weekend pricing will be charged for eve of PH, PH and Special dates. *Please be informed that seats in restaurant are limited and might not be guaranteed at the time of your reservation, especially during peak hours. However, patrons will still be accorded the full mins dining duration should they be seated late. *Buffet is strictly limited to mins from reservation time. Kindly make your payment by mins to qualify for the discount. We chose the buffet option, which consists of a Japanese steamboat (sukiyaki or shabu-shabu) and unlimited servings of ala carte items. We enjoyed our savoury shabu-shabu steamboat and the feast of homely Japanese food.� Ju Shin Jung at West Coast: Westerners can also check out West Coast Park, but it is a lot smaller than its Eastern counterpart. If you are interested in Chinese mythology, the Haw Par Villa (yes it�s still around!) is located just opposite Ju Shin Jung West.� After finishing the buffet, make your way to Jurong Central Park, where you can take a leisurely stroll with your family in the park while your food digests. And children can finally get away from their iPhones and be closer to nature.

Feast up on free-flowing meat at a Brazilian churrascaria, Japanese and Taiwanese cuisine, all-you-can-eat steamboat, and Nyonya delights in the West side of Singapore. The restaurant is within the building. Tel: Students get a special rate craving with street food like braised pork rice, Thai boat noodles and Thai tom yum noodles only at the Clementi outlet. Musttry signatures include Boston lobster and Argentine prawn Hokkien mee, and Portuguese bird nest egg tart. Throughout the month of May, receive 48g of salmon sashimi when you dine-in during lunch on weekdays, and g of king crab during brunch and dinner with every paying adult.

We found such a steal all the way in the far west! Also available on the buffet menu are dishes like Nyonya style sliced fish, sambal kang kong, cai poh omelette and other meat, tofu, soup, and rice and noodle dishes. Get your required daily dose of nutrients with their delightful mix of crisp mixed greens like romaine lettuce, chickpeas and button mushrooms among many others. All mains come with the salad buffet too. No need to travel all the way to the mini-Korean town at Tanjong Pagar now.

Popular items include aburi salmon and salmon teriyaki among their wide range of items from sashimi and tempura to udon and donburis. Expect an impressive buffet Load up on favourites like pig intestines and meatball mee sua, century egg tofu, crispy chicken chop, and the shredded chicken rice, which is new to the menu.

Using no pork or lard in their dishes, Penang Place retains the delectable flavours of Penang cuisine while expanding their reach to include our Muslim friends. Wish you had a reliable buffet resource available to guide you to the best all-you-can-eat spots?

This old school style diner recounts the good old days with their dishes served in claypots. Additionally, as part of the buffet, choose two party packs of small bites, from chicken wings, chicken popcorn, Taiwan sausage and sotong balls, all with potato wedges, and wash it down with free-flow drinks.

Fill up on fresh greens like sweet peas and asparagus, ready-mix salads like black fungus salad and chicken mango salad, daily soups, fruits and staples.

Additionally, when you order a main, you get to enjoy the selection at the salad bar too. Minimum two to dine. Probably one of the most accessible Korean buffets around with 10 outlets islandwide.

Make your orders through the screen or with a waitstaff. Indulge in a selection of marinated meats like lamb bulgogi for the grill, fresh ingredients for your hotpot and cooked food while you wait for your meal to get started.

A broad selection of cold cuts and appetisers like salmon sashimi and crispy fish skin with salted egg yolk, delicacies like the roast meat platter, and soups like the hot and sour bisque beside 20 dim sum items will hit the Steamboat Buffet Jurong Area Equipment spot everytime. Minimum four to dine. They offer six specialty soup bases; herbal, Korean kimchi, German sauerkraut, Italian tomato, Indian curry and vegetarian herbal soup bases�all without MSG as well!

Steak out over 14 cuts of beef, lamb, pork, chicken and caramelised pineapples, all served to your table and onto your plate by their passadors. The meats are marinated in a year-old recipe then slow roasted, goes well with a wide range of veggies and carbs from the salad bar.

Choose two steaming broths from a choice of Sichuan spicy soup, tonkotsu soup, bak kut teh soup, duck soup and the Thai-style tom yum soup. Flavour the broth with a variety of ingredients like lamb fillet, fresh prawns, abalone mushrooms and more.

While waiting for it to boil, snack on side dishes like the secret recipe drunken chicken. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Sign up for our e-newsletter today to bite into everything delicious: exciting contests, super savvy finds, and lots of good meals all over Singapore!

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