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The Sunfish is a personal-size, beach-launched sailing dinghy. It features a very flat, boardlike hull carrying a crab claw "Oceanic lateen " sail mounted to an un- stayed mast. Sunfish was developed by Alcort, Inc. In contrast, the Sunfish has a wider beam for more stability, increased freeboard and the addition of a foot-well for a more comfortable sailing position. Sunfish began as a wood hull design and progressed to fiberglass construction just a few years after its introduction.

Having a crab claw sail with its simple two line rigging makes a Sunfish simple to learn sunfish sailboat model kit installation on and to set up. Upgrades can be added to enhance sail control for competitive sailing, [3] making the boat attractive to both novice and experienced sailors alike.

Due to the broad appeal of the Sunfish, in it was commended by The American Sailboat Hall of Fame for being "the most popular fiberglass boat ever designed, with a quarter million sold worldwide" at that point in time. Today, the Sunfish brand-name has become so widely known it is often misapplied generically to refer to any brand of board-style boat sporting the characteristic crab claw sail. The distinctive low- aspect ratio crab claw sail gives the Sunfish an anachronistic appearance compared with today's more familiar high-aspect ratio Bermuda rig sailboats.

However, this sail plan is not as old-world as it might first appear. Using a sunfish sailboat model kit installation claw rig for this style boat shifts the advantage toward better performance in lighter air less than 4 on the Beaufort scale and contributes to it having good down-wind characteristics.

Planing allows the boat to achieve a speed greater than theoretical hull speed based on length at waterline LWL. Having a down-wind performance advantage helps the Sunfish to achieve a planing attitude at lower wind speeds than its high-aspect sunfish sailboat model kit installation sail plan counterparts.

Designed as a water-tight, hollow-body pontoona hull like the Sunfish has is sometimes referred to as "self-rescuing" because the boat can be capsized and its cockpit swamped without threat of the boat sinking.

InAlex Bryan and Cortlandt Heyniger created the Alcort company to produce their first boat design, the Sailfish. Originally framing carpenters by trade, these two entrepreneurs began their sailcraft endeavors building iceboats as a sideline. A proposal to build a lifesaving paddleboard for the Red Cross came their way.

They determined the concept unfeasible as it stood. An improved design sporting a sailing canoe sail rig did however strike a spark as a possible profit making venture.

From that humble beginning the Sailfish was born and seven years later an improved design, the Sunfish. The first Sailfish were offered in the form of detailed drawings for the backyard builder or as a finished, ready-to-sail boat, built by the Alcort shop. In the course of growing their business, Cortlandt and Alex had the revelation to kit the boat by supplying pre-cut pieces, all the necessary fittings, and inclusion of the sail thereby making backyard construction more appealing to an even wider range of would-be boat builders.

Sunfish first sunfish sailboat model kit installation as either a DIY kit or a finished boat. Of the two designs, only the Sailfish was originally a blueprint plan boat. For most One-Design Class eligible boats, the number of boats built and the number of boats registered in the racing class are closely related. This makes the boat and the racing Class practically one and the.

The Sunfish is an anomaly to this more familiar symbiotic relationship. The Sunfish Class Association reported inSunfish production sunfish sailboat model kit installation exceededboats.

On the contrary, at 1, Class members, Sunfish ranks in the upper percentile of boats involved with organized racing in the U. Recreational, "friendly competition" played a key role in establishing the renowned popularity of the Alcort boat designs. Sunfish sailors who are more serious about sailing competitions, but who do not have the advantage of a nearby Sunfish sunfish sailboat model kit installation, can race their boat against nearly any other make and model of sailboat in " Open Class " events using a handicap.

Sunfish have a Wooden Rc Model Sailboat Kits Technology base-line Portsmouth handicap of One Design racing uses nearly identical boats so the competition is based purely on sailing skill. One Design Classes sunfish sailboat model kit installation watched over by a governing body who assure conformity. To celebrate 60 years of Sunfish, current builder Laser Performance designed a 60th Anniversary edition of the Sunfish to celebrate the diverse history of the boat and the sailors that love it.

In the s, a member of the New Canaan, Conn. Sunfish Fleet, John Black Lee, independently experimented with a conventional sail rig for the Sunfish. He developed a high- aspect ratio sail sunfish sailboat model kit installation worked on the Sunfish hull and christened his design the Formula S. The high aspect ratio sail plan has better upwind performance characteristics over the lateen sail, changing the boat's handling to point more like other Bermuda rig sunfish sailboat model kit installation in its size.

With this configuration, complexity of sail control is elevated by the addition of dynamic outhauldownhauland mainsheet traveller lines. Lee's concept didn't interest Alcort, Inc. A few years after their purchase of Alcort, Inc. The Super Sunfish was available from to AMF marketed this more conventional sail plan as a performance version of the Sunfish in an attempt to compete with, among others, the newly emerging Laser.

Portsmouth handicap numbers, however, place the Laser slightly faster. With its hard chine hull, the Super Sunfish is the more stable boat so it's a tradeoff between the two designs. The Super Sunfish was offered as a complete package and as a kit to retrofit existing lateen rigged Sunfish.

The literature points out the sail systems can be easily swapped on sunfish sailboat model kit installation single Sunfish hull to accommodate different sailors' preferences. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Personal-size type of dinghy. Recreational use boats may be sunfish sailboat model kit installation as the owner chooses and need not conform to anything more than the local boating safety regulations in effect where the boat is sailed.

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