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Simply select one of the luxury yacht builders below to find the finest yachts available, including new yacht construction and used yachts from top yacht manufacturers. Because of this, we are well positioned to take an unbiased approach in representing our clients, and with over 60 new builds completed, mega yacht builders work harder because they know we have in-house expertise on how to bid, and that we have bullders with their competitors.

Due to our clout, to yacht builders know the importance in keeping our clients happy, thus there is tremendous value in our knowledge and representation. Regardless of mega yacht builder or size, we can advise which of the luxury yacht builders are the best fit for your next yacht purchase. We achieve this by using cookies, which store a little information from your browser. If you would like to learn more, please see our privacy and cookies policy.

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Nov 28, �� Made Yacht Builders Melbourne in the USA American builders are turning out semi-custom and fully custom yachts from coast to coast. Walking the docks at the Monaco Yacht Show or Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the brand names on most of the new builds make it clear that American shipyards are in the minority on the world superyacht-building myboat215 boatplans: Louisa Beckett. Sep 09, �� Oceanco is a Dutch company founded in with a shipyard based in Alblasserdam, Netherlands. A winner of multiple yacht show awards, the brand features impressive ocean-going cruisers and expedition yachts up to ft. long Yacht Builders Vancouver 4.5 with advanced green technologies and design myboat215 boatplans , the builder launched Project Bravo: a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, ft. . Depending upon boat type, engine, length, usage, etc., a regulation (and corresponding guide) may, or may not, be applicable. While we encourage recreational boat owners to use the information for their benefit, compliance with the regulations is the responsibility of the boat manufacturers.

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