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Hull type: Tunnel hull with full length sponsons developed for sheet plywood myboat050 boatplans the hull be extended or shortened? No. We also do not recommend increasing theTrailer: Designed for use with Glen-L Series boat trailer plans. Minggu, 16 Desember Wooden Tunnel Hull Boat Plans. Posted on Desember 16, by sandi. I haven't been in this boat, but with a bottom width of 7' and Free Boat Plans Online Zip Code a draft of only 7" it should be quite stable. a 50 should plane this hull easily, but at pounds, don't expect to set any speed records, especially when loaded to its pound capacity.. Free plans: the 13' rowing dory assay (free downlaodable plans with full-size pattern from classic wooden boat plans); absolutely free plans (links to free online boat plans); ariawood boat works (plywood punts, jonboats and. Free Wooden Boat Plans. Home. Posts RSS. Comments RSS. Edit. Next Free tunnel hull boat plans. Posted by manab | | AM Labels: Boat Plans. Free tunnel hull boat plans Some images on Free tunnel hull boat plans Tunnel Hull Boat Plans Boat Hull Design Types Tunnel Hull Boat Plans Inverted V-Hull Boat Designs Boat Hull Design. Related Posts by Categories. 0 comments.

This is a difficult category because there are so many small tunnel hulls that are great and there are some that are just over 22 feet that are good options as well. I am going to separate it for 22 feet and under and will follow up with the bigger hulls soon. Growing up I never had the opportunity to drive a tunnel until later when my brother got an STV. But, when I was a kid in the late s, a young guy had a blue 19 Eliminator Daytona with a Mariner just down the bay from us.

He would go by our place often and it was always thought of as one of the fastest boats on our lake. There seems to be a divide between tunnel hull enthusiasts and V-hull enthusiasts. I am both, each design has pros and cons. Small tunnels are amazing because they can be super stable at high speed, are efficient and often look amazing with their low and wide profile.

In general, rivers and lakes lend themselves well to the small tunnels and they are very popular in the west, less so in the east.

They might not have the same cockpit space as a V-hull can but you can still usually pack 4 or 5 people in one, so beach runs and taking a small group out is not out of the question. Additionally, the driving experience is very different between tunnels and V-hulls. Some V-hullers think tunnels can blow over easily but generally, you would really have to be pushing the limits and you can look at driver error more often than not in the event of a blow over.

What can you buy right now? Most of the hulls available have been around for a while and are proven. These are some of the best, there are probably more, which is a great thing about the boat industry, we still have a decent number of small companies building boats. Mod VP simply refers to a specific race class Vee Production. F1 style race boats are a true tunnel hull air entrapment as well but that design has many drawbacks for pleasure use. Center pod designs are great for overall performance, with a more forgiving ride and handling, plus they remove the common porpoise or hop that some full tunnels have.

One of the quintessential custom boat builders, Eliminator has been building boats in California since If you were going new, a Pro XS would be adequate to be in the 80s, while being super efficient. The 21 is a beautiful boat. Quality is top notch and the boats can be customized almost any way you want. Bob Leach started the company after building a flat bottom V drive with some friends and recognized a market for it.

He started making boats in a space in a gas station in Huntington Park, California and that is how one of the most legendary performance boat companies started. The 19 Daytona was introduced in when the gas crisis created challenges for the industry but it was a key reason Eliminator survived. Bob is still part of the company today and many employees have been with the company for over 30 years. A real lake hot rod, the 19 Eliminator Daytona.

The boat that really set Eliminator in the right direction in the early 70s. The Talon 22 is without a doubt one of the most stunning designs of any boat from any time. I remember seeing one in a magazine as a kid and it literally looked like a spaceship compared to other boats.

With a wide stance and swept back fairing, the small Talon looks like it was designed in a wind tunnel by an F1 racing team.

But, it was actually designed and originally built by Gary Armington, who previously built a 21 that was unique but not the caliber the 22 is. Not long ago the molds exchanged hands and are now being built by Screaming Eagle Boats.

The owner Todd Lamb, has posted some awesome builds recently and it looks like they are doing a great job. Still one of the nicest looking small tunnels around, they are a center pod design that can handle big power and is a really stable boat that is near impossible to beat.

A 22 Talon, custom painted and custom rigged by Randy Corson, looking sharp. The wide gunwales make for a narrow cockpit but it's deeper than most small tunnels. If you want classic design, solid build and a hull that can handle any power, this is a great boat. Built in Crowley Texas, the 21 Liberator is known to drive very well and can handle some chop, making it ideal for a variety of conditions.

Liberator makes a 25 and a 30, which are very beautiful boats but I have a soft spot for smaller boats. The hulls utilize 1 oz hand laid cloth to prevent print through, high quality resins and the deck is core matted. Interior finishings are all high end and there is no wood throughout. The hull weighs just over 1, Lbs. You can buy a Liberator and keep it forever and you will probably want to, it's a beautiful timeless boat.

With a XS you can expect to be over One option is to have one custom rigged to your specs by Randy Corson in Florida. You could run a XS and be in the 90s, making a really sweet package. Balance and stability means you can run big power.

In the old days, twin 2. Can be rigged with a R, if you're up for it. The Liberator seats 4 comfortably and is fairly practical, making a great family boat that can rip. KMG is a custom boat builder in California, specializing in a few handcrafted models as well as fiberglass repair, restorations and custom paint.

They do beautiful work. The 22 Phantom, like the Mach 22, is stunning. KMG offers custom builds with colors in the gel or custom paint if you prefer and they do amazing paint work. As many performance boats are, the hull is full composite and rigging looks incredible, keeping inline with the reputation of custom California builders.

The Phantom is not as quick as the others in this write up but it performs really well and is one of the most unique boats you can buy.

Expect to see just over MPH with a R. Low, sleek and wide. The 22 Phantom is a one of the wildest looking boats around. KMG rigs and customizes the hull to an incredibly high standard.

To be fair, these are more race orientated than the others in this category. The origins of these storied hulls lies in racing. Laser boats of Texas had a race division and competed in the Mod VP class at the time. In fact it was a damaged Ray that spawned the 18 LTV. Once the company split, it was STV going forward and the Roark Summorford built designs evolved and continued to race from to And later a Race Bottom configuration was built and available in the River Rocket deck. Crazy fast boats, obviously layup will determine speeds.

My brother has an 18 STV with a Bridgeport and it is a very cool boat. STVs are serious boats and are among the fastest out there. Full Throttle Powerboats out of Florida has taken the torch in building these beautiful boats. The right materials and attention to detail make these some of the lightest and quickest tunnels you can buy. Most STV hulls have an inverted V. The hull has been raced and honed to perfection.

The center pod advantage: flat, stable and capable of speeds well into the triple digits. Notice the width and the 3 points of contact. Materials like kevlar can make extremely stiff panels, allowing for light builds, yet retains strength. STV's come with different deck options as well. Stunning boats. The Mod VP class which allowed V hull and center pod tunnels to compete spawned some of the fastest hulls created and some legendary boats. Many manufacturers competed and you can find many from the 80s and 90s still around.

An early Stoker 20 SST race boat. A legendary performer and excellent Mod VP design, made up until recently,. A true tunnel with no center pod, like this is a fast design, can slice waves well but is not as forgiving to drive than some of its center pod peers.

This hull is a 21 Skater design, which utilizes asymmetrical tunnel designs in their current hulls. Randy Corson in Florida builds custom Liberators and other hulls with high level rigging and custom paint work. Front Page. Classified Classics Be a Contributor. About Us. Contact Us. Wave to Wave is a performance boating magazine, featuring opinions, technical articles and restoration stories. Jared Powell. Sep Variations of asymmetrical and symmetrical tunnel hull designs.

AeroMarine Research. Eliminator Boats, 19 and 21 Daytona - Website One of the quintessential custom boat builders, Eliminator has been building boats in California since Daytona Slightly bigger yet still Model Boat Magazine Free Plans Windows low slung, copied many times, popular for racing.

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