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Underwater Lighting for Boats EXZEIT Waterproof Led Boat Lights, 2 pc 72W Waterproof Tested Deck/Dock Marine Lights LMS �Flood Light, inch, 12/24 V Led Light Bar EXZEIT placeholder $ 99 & FREE Shipping. SeaBlaze Quattro Series lm Surface Mount Underwater LED Light by Lumitec�. Since , the SeaBlaze family of underwater lights has maintained its position as the undisputed value leader in underwater lighting. New for Lumitec Engineered to high standards High-grade design delivers extended lifespan. Jun 10, �� Boat Model Limited S Boat Length 21 Jun 7, #1 Hi Everyone, I have a Limited S and I am curious to get opinions on whats the best underwater light, as well as where is the best place to mount them to make the install easiest. I ton of posts about different lights, but my boat has the articulating keel and I planned to put in a.

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Works good brightens the water around your boat fairly decent. Reviewed on Jun Underwater Blue Lights For Boats Quiz 22, Works great. Reviewed on Aug 3, Works as Advertised. Reviewed on Jan 5, How can I extend the cord length? Answered on Nov 4, See full answer. I like to crappie fish at night occasionally under a bridge Reviewed on Feb 14, Reviewed on Jul 15, Seemed to work ok. Reviewed on Aug 24, Game on! This 12 V Light is Superb for Squid! Reviewed on Aug 4, Worked outstanding.

Fished Norris Lake in May for white Reviewed on Jun 30, Do I need a car or boat battery to make this light work or is there another option? Answered on Jun 25, These lights are awesome! Reviewed on Jul 3, These really bring in the fish.

Reviewed on Apr 25, Definitely get great purchase worth every dollar. Reviewed on Jun 24, Hours of family entertainment!!! Reviewed on Dec 12, Reviewed on Aug 10, Entertainment for the easily amused Reviewed on Aug 21, Super bright.

Reviewed on Jan 7, How long will it run on a 12v gel cell battery. Answered on Mar 7, How well does this attract fish? Answered on Mar 2, Log in. Welcome to Jetboaters. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mattdog Active Member. Hi Everyone, I have a Limited S and I am curious to get opinions on whats the best underwater light, as well as where is the best place to mount them to make the install easiest.

I ton of posts about different lights, but my boat has the articulating keel and I planned to put in a drain light. Seems like that cant happen. So what kind of light and where is the best mounting spot? Thanks Everyone! Shot of mine from the other night on a With the keel, I think having two lights on either side makes for decent coverage.

Dave burke Jet Boat Junkie. Very cool. What kind of lights did you install? How did you install them? Lumitec Seablaze Quattro. Super very bright lights for fishing And hanging out on the boat. I love these lights extremely bright running the river in my boat.

If you want to pimp your boat this is the way to go. If you're thinking of adding underwater transom lights to your boat, the SeaBlaze 3 won't disappoint! Mounted on the transom facing aft on 22' flats fishing boat. One 8 multi led 4 white, 4 blue each side of the outboard motor. Toggle switch allows 3 lighting combinations; white , blue white and white light. Great effect when cruising the canals within the development. Mine are installed on a boat that was slipped in freshwater, then moved to a slip in salwater.

They work just fine, but the barnacles really like the glass surface. I have to clean them almost every time we take the boat out. Turn them on at night and see what critters come to the boat! More lights means well, more light.

Don't know about the size of the hole, I didn't install the three that I put on my boat. We installed 6 lights and keep our boat in the murky Hudson river. They do illuminate well but You should buy the highest lumens you can afford.

But they are an absolute must for a boat! Two would definitely be enough. Two will be fine for your boat. Kevin - I believe they are ok out of water, but I'd send an e-mail to Lumitec to make sure they have great customer service and will get back to you in 36 hours.

As far as mounting, you need a flat surface to mount them so the seal is water tight. Also, the wires come out the back of the light. I have four mounted on the back transom of a 30" CC boat.

Refitting the boat. Yes they work much better. Also if you keep your Boat in the water these are bronze housings so no issues. Really are lights used for boat. Is my opinion that You can use them for a pool too even is an expensive item for that purpose. I get 2 for my boat but I never installed them having verified that the amount of light is not Underwater Lights For Boats Games enough for me.

I have now 2 available You mostly need to consider two things. Water clarity and how often you will be running on plane. If your not going to be planed out at night when your using them you can get away with installing them just 6 inches below the surface and this will give you ideal surface lighting of the water.

The lights generate a great deal of heat if the are installed above the water line. I have mine installed on a Cobalt about 8" below the water line. While docked or anchored down I've had small fish actually jumping on my swim platform. In short, the murkier the water the closer to the surface as possible. Keep in mind that the closer to the surface you mount them the more mindful you have to be using them while planed out.

I hope that helps. I have an older Bayliner Ciera sunbridge and the spotlight no longer worked I was able to replace it with this light the remote works perfectly lights up everything I need to look at it was the perfect purchase for my boat to the.

The lights work great, I mounted them on the front of my boat for night navigation to avoid crab traps, marker post, and people without navigation lights on. Bright LED lights and good quality for the price. They're on my boat, and seem water proof and insanely bright. I wired mine parallel. I actually have four on the bow of my boat and they work beautifully. All of my fishing is done at night moving Underwater Fishing Led Lights For Boats Near from one dock light to another.

The lights look good on the boat, they are easy to install. Easy to install, used as spreader lights on boat. A perfect fit for my boat. I believe it is 1. They work quite well, I have them mounted under the forward deck of my pontoon boat. If you are installing this on your boat as I did, I simply connected wiring to my battery posts and ran wiring to another side putting an off - on switch before the lights and they have worked fine now for several months Was amazed by how brite and the quality of these lights.

I used them as docking lights for my pontoon boat I recommend them if anyone is looking for boating lights. Fit perfect and good lightening for my boat. We use them as driving lights on our boat. High output and good beam pattern.

So, headlight for a boat, for sure.

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