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Peering, Upstream, Downstream | myboat314 boatplans Upstream-Downstream Problem with Rational Functions (Equations in the system cannot be arranged into the ax+by=c form.) A boat travels 20 miles per hour in still water. If the boat can travel 3 miles downstream in the same amount of time as it takes it to travel 2 miles upstream. Example 5. Upstream/Downstream problem. It takes 3 hours for a boat to travel 27 miles upstream. The same boat can travel 30 miles downstream in 2 hours. Find the speeds of the boat and the current. Solution. Let x be the speed of the boat (without a current). Let y be the speed of the current. We can use the above formula and find time downstream and time upstream as given below. Time downstream = 26 / (10 + x) Time upstream = 14 / (10 - x) Given Word problems on sum of the angles of a triangle is degree.

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You can put this solution on YOUR website! Using formal algebra Let x be her speed in still water. Knowing how to solve the problem using formal algebra is good. But you can get to the answer much faster -- and get a lot more good mental exercise -- by solving it using logical reasoning and simple arithmetic.

Since the total time is exactly 18 hours, the times for the two legs of the trip are probably whole numbers of hours. The difference between the upstream and downstream speeds is 8 mph. So we need to find two numbers whose difference is 8 that both divide evenly into So suppose the upstream speed is 5 mph and the downstream speed is 13 mph; that makes her speed in still water 9 mph. Solution: From the question, you can write down the below values. You have to substitute the above values in the below formula.

This type is similar to type 1. But there is one difference. Here you have to find speed of stream and not the speed of the boat. You have to use the below formula to find speed of stream.

Example Question 2: A man rows downstream 30 km and upstream 12 km. If he takes 4 hours to cover each distance, then the velocity of the current is:. Solution: In this question, downstream and upstream speeds are not given directly.

Hence you have to calculate them first. Step 3: Calculation of speed of stream You have to substitute values got in steps 1 and 2 in below formula to find the speed of the stream. In this type, you have to find distance of places based on given conditions. Below example will help you to understand better.

If in a river running at 2 km an hour, it takes him 40 minutes to row to a place and return back, how far off is the place? The man rows to a particular place and comes back. You have to calculate the distance of this place. Let this distance be X. See the below diagram to understand clearly.

Man starts from A, travels to B and comes back. Therefore, above equation becomes,. Also we have calculated downstream and upstream speeds at the start see values 1 and 2. In question, you can see that the man takes 40 minutes to travel to B and come back to A.

You have to convert this to hours and apply in above equation. We are converting from minutes to hours because we are using speed values in km per hour units. It takes him twice as long to row up as to row down the river. Find the rate of the stream.

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