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In order to work these word problems, we will need to use chart to organize the information. The Jon is kayaking in the Russian River which flows downstream at a rate of 1 mile per hour. He That means the time going upstream plus the time going downstream took a total of 3 hours. So the equation must be Now we solve. () File Size: KB. When water current is involved, the word �current� may be stated in the problem, or words such as �downstream� or �upstream�. The current affects the rate of an object because when an object is traveling downstream, Upstream Downstream Word Problems Worksheet Answers it means it is going with the current. In that case, the object is being pushed along by the water and. Jan 27, �� Let the speed of the boat in still water = x km/hr. Speed of the boat down stream = (x + 3) km/hr. Time taken to cover the distance = 5 hrs. Therefore, distance covered in 5 hrs = (x + 3) x 5. Speed of the boat upstream = (x � 3) km/hr. Time taken to cover the distance = 6 hrs.

The length is 15 cm greater than the width. Published in: Education. A good knowledge ofEnglish Lorem lpsum 336 boatplans/pdf/ch-5-maths-class-10-pdf-10 source an important step to use the internet and communicate with people from other countries. Solve the unknown parameters from the equation. Verify the condition with upstream downstream word problems worksheet read obtained answer ad cross check whether it is correct or not. A: Thank you.

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