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These boats are purpose-built for various types of fishing - from large offshore vessels capable of deep-sea, saltwater fishing to small craft like jon boats and flats boats used for freshwater fishing . Find or sell your boat or marine-related items here. (NON-marine posts get you banned immediately and for good. Be warned.) Note: You MUST ANSWER ALL . The following vessels are currently available for sale: Great center console for fishing or Just exploring the Fiji waters. This boat is very well maintained and has low hours on the engine. Price: $ Great center console boat ready for fishing, surfing, spearfishing, diving or anything else you thought at it. Price: $55 FJD.

Cruiser Sealine SC35 Contact Supplier. Air compressors. This classic 30' Pacemaker commercial fishing boat comes with a single N Detroit Diesel Rodman 8. Processing is based on heading and gutting or whole freezing Carnit Network Yacht Brokers Portsmouth.


In used fishing boats for sale fiji ltd we have questions greatfully name or e-mail us ; we've assisted in lots of boatbuilding initiatives as well as might assistance we have smart selections in designs as well as reserve.

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