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Used Small Push Boats For Sale Guitars,Aluminium Hull Repair Tool,00 Gauge Fishing Boat - You Shoud Know

Built Huitars NT Used small push boats for sale guitars engines: 2 GM E7 diesels. Falk skall gears: Currently in use. Located US Gulf. Builtrepowered Generators: 2 60kw. BuiltGTNT Main engines: EMD ce2. Gears: Port Faulk, Stb. Lufkin, LST 2. Generator: John Deere T powering Newage kw. Capacities: Fuel 45,gal, lube gal, slop gal, potable water 10,gal. Deck winch: Patterson 75ton. Head Hunter Tidel Wave sewage treatment.

Last drydock October Located Louisiana. Gears: Port: Lufkin, Stbd: Falk. Generators: 2 T John Used small push boats for sale guitars 99kw.

Mechanical over hydraulic steering. Capacity: Fuel 54, gal, lube oil gal. GTNT Used small push boats for sale guitars 76 x Auxiliary power: 2 John Deere Deck machinery: 2 60 ton deck winches. Air compressor: 2 Quincey Capacities: Fuel 18, gal, water 6, gal, lube oil gal. Located Texas. Generators: 2 40KW Detroits. Berthing for 6. Builtin service Current COI. Main engines: 2 Cat electronic controlled, repowered Cat marine gears 4.

Kort nozzles. Generators: 99kw John Deere. Electronics, navigation, fod. Located Pennsylvania. Gears: TwinDisc H Propellers: 73"x58".

Fernstrum coolers, electronics, navigation, and communication. Subchapter Ugitars. Several available May delivered to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Available every 5 months.

Generators: 2 99kw with John Deere diesel engines. Fuel capacity 29, gal. Built s. Main engines: 2 Cat Diesel. Keel cooled. Generators: 2 60kw powered by Cummins diesel. Kitchen framed out, requires appliances. Electronics such as radar and controls.

Owner is retiring. Waiting for photos. Built Gears: MG reduction gears 5. Generators John Deere Powertec 65kw. Located South Used small push boats for sale guitars. Main engines: 2 CAT s, generators: 2 Detroit s. Flanking rudders. One of the engines was rebuilt by CAT 2 years ago. Everything is complete, all there, will need work. Owner described it as moldy. Located Virginia. New build, Gears: 2 TwinDisc Reverse reduction hydraulic type 6.

Displacement: 97 Salr. Model bow. Propellers: 2 Kahlenberg 64"x50". Generators: 2 40 kw John Deere. Air compressors: 2 IR 60 gal. Maximum fuel consumption: 46 Gph. Winches: 2 hydraulic face wire. Capacities: Fuel 16, gal, potable water 22, gal, ballast water 4, gal, gray ppush gal, lueb oil gal, waste oil gal.

Accommodations: 4 Twin size bunks. Galley appliances, washer dryer, sewage treatment blats, satellite TV. Pumps: 2 10 HP steering pumps, 10 HP fire pump, sle.

Electronics, navigation, communications. Price to be determined. Main engines: 2 Cummins KTA Propellers: 2 Generator: DFM. Capacities: Fuel oil 16, gal, potable water 5, gal. Bollard pull: 13 MT.

Tank capacities: fuel 20, gallons, potable water gallons, lube oil gallons, steering oil 35 Used Small Center Console Boats For Sale 2019 gallons, slop gallons, communication and navigation equipment, interior stairs, galley, sleeping quartes for fr of four, two heads, shower, all rooms insulated and paneled. BuiltMajor modifications Port side overhauled Pilot house sets on top pusg 2nd tier. Galley and accommodations. Survey available.

Main engines: 2 CAT Gears Wheels: 70" x 58". Generators: 2 DD 40KW. Capacities: Fuel 18, gal, Lube oil gal, potable water 7, gal. Staterooms 4, berths 6. Galley fully equipped.

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Used x 70ft Crane Derrick Barge For myboat130 boatplans sq ft of deck space ton derrick ton jib. ft myboat130 boatplans-8V92 powered 10ft heel pin to Price: $1,, Heartland Barge Brokerage services offers a great selection of reliable and quality used Push Boats for sale for all your commercial needs. Push Boat Used Small Pontoon Boats For Sale 101 a boat designed Used Small Boats For Sale On Ebay Shopify for pushing barges. These vessels are characterized by a square bow, a shallow draft, and typically have knees, which are large plates mounted to the bow for pushing barges of various heights. These boats can be used on rivers and the inland . 53? x 20? x 8�. GRT/NRT: 81/ (2) Cummins, model KTAM3, turbocharged, grid. cooled, 1, Combined continuous at 1,RPM (HP each) (2) Cummins, model 6CTAB Stamford KW generator producing. Port and starboard main steering rudders (No Flanking) ton electro-hydraulic winches, Spectra line and chaffing gear.

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