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These classic Hasbro editions are the perfect combination of form, function and fun! Each stylish linen-wrapped book looks absolutely beautiful on display on your bookshelf. Open the book and it will reveal premium components inspired by the original editions of each game all stored neatly inside. Vintage Bookshelf Edition - Monopoly Classic real estate game stored in a gorgeous cloth-bound book box Encourages strategy, cooperation, competitive spirit, language development, problem solving Be prepared for a land battle at any time!Brand: W.S. Game Company. This Monopoly Game Linen Vintage Bookshelf Edition from Winning Solutions is the perfect combination of form, function and fun.5/5(2). Update:

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Three-dimensional mansion rooms gajes glass playing surface, plated die-cast mover bases´┐Ż. Instructions not included. If you were looking for subtle, this thick red book is not it. May We also Suggest:. Ships .

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