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Modern & traditional sightseeing boats with open decks, heated saloons & toilet facilities. Regular departures: Every Minutes (Currently every 60 Minutes). Scenic cruises between Westminster Pier, Embankment Pier, St. Katharine Pier (Tower of London) & Greenwich Pier passing more than 44 London myboat101 boatplanss: After a relaxing cruise from Westminster, put a visit to the Royal Observatory on your watch list. Take selfies standing over the famous Meridian Line � the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), spend some time looking at clocks that have changed the world, historic astronomy telescopes, then take a tour of the universe from Read More. About With over 50 years of experience, Thames River Sightseeing is one of the longest running Westminster to Greenwich river boat cruises. All our crew members are experienced boatmen, some with family connections to the River Thames going back myboat101 boatplansted Reading Time: 1 min.

Read More. Refund requests made after this westminster sightseeing cruise production are at the discretion of Viscount Cruises. Call: Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The Shard is home to offices, bars, restaurants and hotels, but is best known for its spectacular views of London from the open-air Skydeck on �.

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