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The NorthWest Excurzen makes a great wood canoe plans free name vehicle, tailored to carry big loads. The Excurzen is a down-sized version of our super seaworthy foot North Canoe. This tandem maintains the wider above the waterline feature of the North Canoe for outstanding secondary stability, then tucks radically just below the egunwale for more comfortable paddling stations.

The Excurzen boasts more bow than stern rocker which keeps her maneuverable without sacrificing tracking. Rocker: bow 3 Wood Canoe Plans Free Usa in. Beam at Center Yoke: 33 in. Maximum Beam: 36 in. Sheer Bow: 21 in. Amidships Depth: 14 in. Big lakes, big waves, big kids A NorthWest Wood canoe plans free name exclusive, this design shows the water nothing but sweet curves.

It slips through water with little resistance. Gone for the summer or gone for a Sunday, the stable NorthWest Cruiser works to keep you, passengers and gear safe and dry. This efficient symmetrical design puts you in a canoe that's simple to build and a pleasure to paddle.

Overall Length 17 ft. Beam at Gunwales 33 in. Maximum Beam 35 in 4 in. Amidships Depth 14 in. Weight 55 lbs. If you enjoy day trips on the local river, this is your canoe.

The NorthWest River is sixteen feet of paddling fun. Who cares? Overall Length: 16 ft. Weight: 55 lbs. The NorthWest Cottager defines day-tripping canoes. The Cottager is also great for fishing quiet backwaters. It has classic lines and is easy to build.

Overall Length: 15 ft. Rocker: 2 in. Beam at Gunwales: 34 in. Surface Area: 57 sq. Weight 52 lbs. So you're going solo but packing extra doughnuts, portage packs, and taking the dog along? You need a NorthWest Merlin.

The NorthWest Merlin gives you plenty of volume in a sleek 16 foot solo canoe. The lines of this seaworthy design provide more than eye candy, this efficient solo allows you to cover greater distances with fewer strokes.

Maximum Wood canoe plans free name 29 in. Wood canoe plans free name Beam: 27 in. Sheer Bow: 16 in. Amidships Depth: 12 in. Weight: 42 lbs. If you're looking for the best all around solo, look no.

The differential rocker in the Passage Solo provides maneuverability in heavy water, yet tracks when you lay the hull flat. If you're ready to build a solo canoe, but don't have the time or space for a stable-full wood canoe plans free name boats, the NorthWest Passage Solo will see you down the creek or take you on a week-long paddle excursion.

Beam at Gunwales: Sheer Bow: 17 in. Sheer Stern: 15 in. Weight: 40 lbs. Thinking of the kids or looking for a small solo? We designed the Tadpole just for. Grab the wood canoe plans free name blade 'cause the Tadpole feels remarkably stable with floor level seating.

Light, nimble and quick to accelerate, this symmetrical hull makes a fantastic freestyle canoe for big kids. Maximum Beam: 28 in. Amidships Depth: 11 in. Weight: 30 lbs. The Quetico is a big, versatile open water canoe for people who travel long distances with heavy loads. John Winters has given the boat some rocker to make turning easier than normal for such a long boat, yet it still tracks.

The boat has enormous stability and a smooth motion in waves that should appeal to paddlers anticipating cruising on large lakes. Overall Length: 18 ft 4 in. Waterline Length: 17 ft 10 Diy Wood Boat Plans Quizlet in. Gunwale Width: 35 in. Waterline Width: 33 in. The Mattawa is a quick, responsive and delight to paddle wherever your journey takes you. Through subtle manipulations of the hull shape, John Winters designed a canoe equally at home on flat water or whitewater.

Predictable stability allows you to heel the wood strip canoe wood canoe plans free name the way to the gunwale. The Mattawa is perfect for smaller paddling partners and weekend getaways.

Overall Length: 15 ft 8 in. Waterline Length: 14 ft 10 in. Waterline Beam: 33 in. Sheer Bow: 22 in. Freeboard lbs: 9 in. The Kite is a slightly modified version of the John Winters Wood canoe plans free name, with the only difference being the tumblehome section.

Although the hull below is the same old Osprey, the look is sleek and fast. There are a few 'tricks' to planking the chine, which are shown in the plans, but it can actually be easier overall to build than on the Osprey. Overall Length: 14 ft 10 in. Waterline Length: 14 ft. Beam: 30 in. Bow Height: 19 in. Stern Height: 16 in. Draft: 3. Bow Rocker: 1. Stern Rocker: 0. Designed Load: lbs. The 38 Special was an experimentally designed solo canoe created many years ago by enlarging the original Merlin by 3.

It was then paddled a few years and slightly redesigned with more functionality to the modern day NorthWest Merlin. If you are not familiar with the performance of this design, or specifically looking for this design, we recommend you look at the NorthWest Merlin plans instead.

This is a limited edition printed plan and will not be available for long. By clicking the button below, it will take you to our on-line store where you can get your plans. Powered by GoDaddy. Home SHOP. Specifications Overall Length: 15 ft. Specifications: Overall Length: 16 ft. Mattawa NorthWest Tadpole Mattawa. Get Your Canoe Plans Here.


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Free Boat Plans. A selection of Free Boat Plans that can be viewed and/or downloaded. These free to download wooden boat plans (pdf) were first published in magazines such as "Popular Mechanics", "Popular Science" and the "Boat Builder´┐Żs Handbook". Oct 28, - Explore Steven Holland's board "canoe plans" on Pinterest. See more ideas about canoe plans, canoe, boat building pins. The Woodshop Kayak plans for King Canvasback They also sell full size templates. Link to The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America by Adney and Howard Chapelle, It's a free title from the Gutenberg Project. Several offsets and measurements, canoes, kayaks, umiaks.

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