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I prefer wooden play kitchen sets over plastic because they are nicer looking, more wooden kitchens for babies youtube and hold their appearance longer than plastic kitchen sets. More important than anything else, though, you want the best play kitchen that will inspire your child to engage in pretend play. Heads up that the links below take you to Amazon and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

That means if you buy something through a link, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can learn more. I hope you wooden kitchens for babies youtube our toy and gift suggestions! Scroll down for more Wooden Kitchens For 2 Year Olds Map details about these and also for the rest of our best wooden toy kitchen picks!

First off, I have to say, this thing is sleeker than my real kitchen! And now I sound like a real estate agent. It also comes in a lovely, clean-looking white. And wooden kitchens for babies youtube customer service is excellent so if there is a problem with their products, they work hard to make it right. View on Amazon.

This wooden play kitchen does not come with any play food or accessories, which is the only downside. The Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen is my kid dream kitchen! The only downside to this one is that, although it is relatively easy to assemble, there are LOTS of pieces, so it does take a. This Hape kitchen set and dishes also comes in red and white.

Wooden kitchens for babies youtube its still entertaining enough for kids up to about age 5 or so. Older kids may do better with one that has a higher counter and a little more room. Great for families with multiple kids! This Teamson Kids Florence Kitchen packs a ton of features in a compact space.

Like many others, this one took some time to build, which seems to just come wooden kitchens for babies youtube the territory for even the best wooden play kitchen sets. For a great selection of play dishes and food to go in these top toy kitchen sets, check out the top selling kitchen play accessories here!

I mentioned earlier how the great craftmanship of Hape kitchen toys makes them some of the best wooden play kitchen sets on the market. This kitchen also comes in a lovely retro aqua-blue and a modern gold and white.

Also, it does not come with any accessoriesother than the phone. You can check it out. The only other downside to the Vintage Kitchen is that the counter height is a little low. A 5 or 6-year-old may be a little tall to play with it comfortably. One suggestion to remedy that and you can do this for any of the best play kitchens is to place something steady under the kitchen to raise it up as your child grows taller. Or some simple wood blocks.

Despite the smaller size, the Vintage Kitchen is very popular and just too darn cute to not be on our list of the best wooden play kitchens! Next on our list of the best wooden play kitchens for kids is this beautiful Ultimate Corner Kitchenalso from KidKraft.

This kitchen does not come with any dishes or play food. Below are the three wooden play kitchens we found wooden kitchens for babies youtube the highest counter height. This is important if your child is a taller preschooler or an older wooden kitchens for babies youtube. I love the checkered backsplash in the KidKraft Large Kitchen. This is another big selling wooden play kitchen from the KidKraft brand.

These pieces are non-wood, by the way. I love the boho look of it. The KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitche n is a modern farmhouse style kitchen with some unique feature s that really add to the play value of this little kitchen.

The only downsides are a few reviewers complained about the instructions and the quality of the sink but despite that, it has overall excellent reviews. This play kitchen has the second tallest counter heights 22 inches of the wooden play kitchens on our list. But other than that, it got rave reviews and is a big seller.

I love all of these kitchens, but even the smallest of the best play kitchen sets does need some room to place it and for kids to play comfortably. If you have a very small space, but still want to give your kids the experience of kitchen pretend play, there are wooden toy cooktop options that might work for you.

Below are a few of the best wooden toy kitchen cooktops I. They are inexpensive, have good reviews and all of them come with accessorieswhich is wooden kitchens for babies youtube. I hope our collection of the best wooden play kitchens helps you find the best toy kitchen for your child or the budding chef on your gift list. For more toy suggestions for preschoolers, check out our best toys for preschool boys and best toys for preschool girls gift guides!

I especially appreciated the measurements of each and every one!! This article helped me to make my almost final decision on wooden kitchens for babies youtube play kitchen to purchase.

Those are both great little kitchens. Your email address will not be published. Best for Taller Kids. KidKraft Large Kitchen, Pastel, Best for Smaller Kids.

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue. Best for Small Spaces. Quick Links preview list of toys. Hape Wooden Play Wooden kitchens for babies youtube and Accessories.

KidKraft Pink Vintage Kitchen. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen. Best Wooden Toy Kitchen Cooktops. On Sale! Adult Assembly required Product dimensions: 35" H x Best Seller 1. Best Seller 2. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen - White. Best Seller 3 and Best Overall. Share these wooden kitchens for babies youtube toy ideas! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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