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Handcrafted Model Ships is the premier manufacturer and supplier of the world's finest model boats. As the manufacturer and direct retailer to the public, Handcrafted Model Ships is able to provide the highest quality canwda models and boat models at wholesale pricing.

Whether you are looking for pirate ship models or a stunningly accurate titanic model, Handcrafted Model Ships is your number one source for expertly hand crafted ship and boat models. Our extensive product line of fully assembled ship models also includes model sailboats, tall ship models, and coast guard gifts. Our authentic models are great gifts for all ages, and make a stunning addition wooden ship models canada ltd any home or office.

Since we are the manufacturer, we are very passionate about the accuracy and beauty of our models. Each boat model is professionally packaged and delivered to your door wooden ship models canada ltd is available for in-store pickup. Our model ship wooden ship models canada ltd are available by phone, email and live chat.

Why choose Handcrafted Model Ships as your source for model boats? All models must pass a 7 point quality control inspection before we ship ltf to you, and all shipped items are guaranteed to arrive safely in professional packaging. Linked In. Handcrafted Cast Iron. Handcrafted Model Ships. New Handcrafted Model Ships. Model Ship Weekly Deals Nautical Decor Weekly Deals Beach Decor Weekly Deals Cast Iron Decor Weekly Deals From Movies And Television Historically Wooden ship models canada ltd Ships Wooden ship models canada ltd Ships Woodden States Warships Shiip from the Age of Sail Merchant Tall Ships Famous Tea Clippers Ships from the Age of Discovery Famous Navy Training Tall Ships 4.

Blackbeard's Model Wooden Boat Kits Canada Queen Anne's Antique Wooden Sail Ship North Revenge Black Pearl Captain Kidd's Pirate Ships Flying Dutchman 8. Calico Jack's The William Black Bart's Royal Fortune Jolly Roger Ben Franklins Black Prince Pirates of the Caribbean Privateers Famous Historic Sailboats Table Centerpiece Sailboats Floating Sail Boats Sailboat Christmas Ornaments Model Ship Ornaments Glass Float Ornaments Ship Wheel Ornaments Lighthouse Ornaments Lifering Ornaments Ship in a Bottle Ornaments Oar Ornaments 8.

Anchor Ornaments Lobster Buoy Ornaments Save Big on Model Ships. Save Big on Nautical Decor. Save Big on Wooden Ship Building And The Interpretation Of Shipwrecks Email Beach Decor. Save Big on Sealife Decor. Handcrafted Model Ships and model boats: Tall ship models and model sailboats at the lowest price guaranteed! Welcome Aboard! Captain Dick Norris, Founder. Call Stay Connected:. Alhambra, CA New Summer

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Our current offering includes ready-made model ships, model boat kits, display cases, model restoration, 3D printing, rendering and architectural models. With an international reach that spans over 80 countries and a website with four currencies, our presence in the market has continued to grow and we have �s of satisfied customers across. Lets Talk A-Boat Wooden Ships. � Kits � R/C Kits � Fittings � Wood A Quick Guide to Some of the Popular Ship Model Categories Please note this is a partial list of categories only. If you don't see it here, refer to either the Product Index or our Advanced Search. Ship Model Kits.

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