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Guest Nov havent seen any posts from anybody that was at the comm. ctr. in the jungle in nkp. we worked out of an airconditioned trailer of a semi truck. no base, no bars. extra pay to rent a place and eats. no Americanization. there was only about 12 of us. one day i am driving my jeep on a road/trail and i see a tall blond about 5'11 in a three quarter length tie dye outfit. i. 1 review of Wah Foong Watch Shop "I'm a big fan of mechanical watches, and the one thing that often plagues horology fans like myself is finding a decent guy to service your valuable timepieces. Sure, you could send them away to Switzerland to have them serviced officially -- but that takes a very long time. Steven at Wah Foong Watch handles most service matters on the spot, and I'm happy to 5/5(1). Watch Repair Malaysia - Buy & Sell. 4, likes � 1 talking about this � 21 were here. Watch Repair, Jewelry Repairs, Engraving, Custom Jewelry Design. Our Watch Repair 5/5.

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