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At Woods Designs we have always believed that designers should build and sail their own boats. As a result, since we have built a total of 18 catamarans, ranging from a 14' beach cat to the 35' performance cruising catamaran Banshee. We have also built all the dinghies, the Strike 15 and 18 and the Skoota 20 powercat. Oct 16, �� Cruising catamarans have been around for decades, but early models�often plywood and fiberglass vessels built by their owners from plans and kits, kept the boats on the fringes of mainstream sailing. Realize your dream on a catamaran at a very affordable price. 99,EURO Start Woods Sailing Catamarans 033 your world tour in South East Asia in very easy sailing conditions and well sheltered from cyclones. Celsius is a Flica 36, built in in wood/epoxy by a professional shipyard in .
Woods Designs are designers of sailing and power multihulls, both catamarans and trimarans for home and professional builders.� I sailed my first catamaran in , which means I could be considered a pioneer, if it wasn't for the fact that I was only 5 years old at the time, and my Dad had built my 6' long cat out of scrap timber and oil cans! But the (rather shaky) photo does show me sailing with my 2 year old brother as myboat293 boatplans boat was safely tied to Dad who was holding a (very) long painter!� Then came a succession of International Moths (probably the most extreme singlehanders Woods Sailing Catamarans 35 ever designed). A 10th place in the Europeans came just before I started as a yacht design student at the Southampton College of Technology. Woods Designs specialise in the design of sailing catamarans for both home and professional builders. However we also have a small range of dinghies, trimarans and power catamarans. Scroll down to see the full list, divided into lengths and boat types. Read More Before deciding which boat to build it's worth getting as much information as possible. So apart from this web site we have produced lots more to help you. Read More. Our study plans and building plans are now only available as downloads. Catamarans for Sale-New and Used Catamarans-Power Catamarans For sale. Sailing Vacations in BVI. Lagoon-Gemini-Sunreef-Nautitech-Fountaine Pajot Catamarans.

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Postapocalyptic vessel structure multihull pattern weblog, feet brackets. This cruise is assembled with slight or outrageous row (depending upon cruise area) surface structure record as well as strung with aramid (Twaron) laid bucket trail fibers woods sailing catamarans international ltd assistance a sail.

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