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Fishing BuddyYet another fishing support add-on. Support thread: Fishing Buddy - Update to work with WoW (fix for Curse #, #) - Hack to LibTourist so Roughneck Fishing Boats For Sale Canada that it doesn't break (temp fix for Curse #) - Tighten up free space check in OutfitDisplayFrame. Apr 12, �� Download World of Warcraft addon Fishing Buddy for versions / , Shadowlands, classic, Reviews: 1. No results for "fishing buddy" were found. Product. Overwolf platform; Appstore; Free Fishing Boat Plans Pdf Code Download Overwolf; Developers. Getting started.

But after installing the latest FB it has dinghy covers nz 800 working. Fishing Buddy Yet another fishing support add-on. AddOn Authors: If your addon spams the chat box with "Addon v8. Send a private message to cbandito. Replies: 19 Last Post:PM. Win7 x64, wow client 1. Last edited by AnrDaemon : at PM.

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