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Buyers beware! They basically just welded over the crack. He reccomended welding a plate under trolling motor that was factory mounted then welding crack. I do not like this approach from Xpress. If he dont why would the welder. The boat obviously has a faulty hull. I do not trust it on the water with my family. The cheapness of this xpress aluminum boats reviews 5g cannot be over stated. Accessories like GPS Puck and oxygenator are wired straight to the battery and on all the time.

There is a master power switch but xpreds is only for the gauge lights and dash unit. Dry boxes are not gasketed and are not at all dry. Xpress aluminum boats reviews 5g under revkews does not go all the way up the bow wh � ere rods go.

Wiring is just laying on the below deck floor where you try get your rods. There were so many metal Used Xpress Aluminum Boats 5g shavings on and under the deck it scratches your rods and cuts your line.

Hull fills up with water to where the auto bilge pump comes on every 15 minutes if xpres live well valve is opened. On to performance. After a 6 hour break in procedure I was excited to see the performance of this top of xpress aluminum boats reviews 5g line rig. Next recommendation was to purchase a new prop as the one that came from factory is a know non-performing prop on the Xpress.

None of this helped. We have had a console issue since Dec 5thit is now March This boat was purchased brand new and is not even a year old and they can not replace it! I will never consider buying another Xpress boat or recommending Xpress to anyone!

H22 bought xpress aluminum boats reviews 5g in Boat is as well kept as one on showroom floor.


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Facebook Twitter. Gary Reich is a Chesapeake Bay-based freelance writer and photojournalist with over 25 years of experience in the marine industry. Lund Pro-V Limited Crestliner Bass Hawk Pedestal Crestliner Bass Hawk Bucket Boat Reviews. Related Boats for Sale. Lowe Stinger C Request Price.

Boating Guides. Boat Buyer's Guide. Boat Seller's Guide. Spring Commissioning for Your Boat. Popular Articles Related Articles 1. Below the front and back decks, there is plenty of storage for us to have all of our fishing gear on board and keep Xpress Boats Aluminum Thickness Price it all organized. Another great layout feature is that the wires and wire channels are run in a way that make it easy to quickly install and remove electronics.

Next on my list of favorite features would be the SeaDek flooring. SeaDek is incredibly easy to clean, very durable and feels great to stand on. I will never go back to carpet in a boat after having SeaDek. Thank you Xpress for building superior boat!

I remember seeing my first Xpress bass boat at Lake Guntersville, around or so. I noticed something a little different that suited my style of fishing. As time passed I forgot about that experience and got another glass boat. Afraid to go where I wanted to go on the water and the fact I could simply not get this boat into some areas I wanted, the search began for something different.

My wife and I went to a boat show and she said this is what you need, in front of me sat the X21 Pro, then the memory came back to me from Guntersville.

I saw an Xpress in a spot I always wanted to fish but could and would not try to put the glass boat into. I said something to a friend and he told me to contact Dale Hightower who runs an Xpress X21 on the Bassmaster Elite series. Dale and I met and went out on a local lake.

Well, that was all it took. Originally, I wanted something to get really shallow and around rocks, timber etc. What I got was a whole lot more. The boat just rolls off logs, gets in super skinny water, has more storage than I can fill up and the Seadek is near perfection. For me, the X21 surpasses every boat I have had, in every category. What stands out the most to me is the incredible hole shot with the hp outboard.

Also, the fishability is perfect. The recessed trolling motor foot pedal tray really comes in handy on a long day on the water. Another fantastic aspect of this rig is the seadek material on the casting decks. This is my 2nd Xpress. I have never in my life been in a boat that takes big water so well. Second would be the platform and design of floor space on the boat. It gives me confidence to be able to fight a winning fish in any condition I may face.

The third feature I really appreciate is storage. I have spent years gathering tackle and equipment in order to preform with the best in the country. Everything in my boat, plus loads of extra gear, always has a place in my compartments. The first time I got in an Xpress bass boat I was absolutely blown away. After years of tournament fishing out of glass boats and having a flat bottom aluminum boat when I was a kid, I just had this misconception in my mind that was quickly dismissed.

The Hyper-Lift Hull is something you just have to experience. I can run 65 to 70 mph in rough water that most boats have to slow down in. The SeaDek is awesome. The storage is endless and every compartment is lit, even the livewell. So many things about my X21 that I love. The stability. Anything I have needed they have done a great job at meeting my needs.

I went through the paperwork and was hauling it back home in no time. Another feature I enjoy is the open floor plan. It is light and agile, easy to move around. Finally, the handling of the boat is phenomenal! It rides great on chop and has high gunnels so my 7 year old twin boys are safe on the water. The ample space makes it great for two families of four. The SeaDeck is cool and comfortable on the feet. This boat is easy to fish out of.

We than had a t-top installed from RT Marine, in Columbia, SC, which provides much needed shade and adds a great look to the boat.

Dallas W. Run the skinny backwaters of Mosquito Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee. One of my personal favorite features is how much thought was put into the drainage when it came time to washing the boat. Water literally drains everywhere and no puddles are left behind. My girlfriend loves all of the storage capabilities and how the deck of the boat never gets hot to the touch.

A lot of big fish hang out in creeks that are in extremely skinny waster, so we needed something that was light and durable. Gulf to Lake made the buying process extremely easy and we left with the boat the same day it was purchased. Jake B. I knew I wanted something solid and dependable to have on Caddo Lake.

Xpress was my only option. I did not want a boat that was made of thin metal and poorly put together like I have seen in other boats. I needed something built solid! With the open layout and thick aluminum, I knew this is what I wanted. I made the trip to Futrell Marine in Nashville, Arkansas, and placed my order. The guys at Futrell where very helpful and made the process streamline and simple.

Within three days my DBX was on site and ready for pick up! I wanted a boat that I could use for everything from getting into the backwater to hunt ducks, running trotlines on the river and chasing springtime crappie. I am happy to say that this boat has performed WAY beyond my expectations! I love the way the DBX performs on open water and in shallow water as well. With the help of Yamaha and the tech guys at Xpress, we were able to get the right prop from the get go and have never had an issue with being under powered or hitting rev limiter.

I have put this boat threw some rough and tough situations several times and it always gets me home. This boat performs�no questions about it! Xpress nailed it when they built the DBX! Fishability seems excellent. I had my girlfriend on the bow chasing reds while I was on the stern spotting them from the tower.

I would recommend them to anyone! Christopher K. I drove 11 hours to get it and was out of the dealership in 30 minutes, so I would say that was a great experience.

I needed a boat that could handle big freshwater lakes for bass fishing, but also perform in the marsh. The Skiff has hit the nail on the head for my family and I. It gives us plenty of room when riding to the sandbars to relax, and also gives a Ranger Aluminum Boats Vs Xpress Antibody great platform for all styles of fishing. I have been blown away at how well it handles rough water. It cuts the chop well on windy days.

I constantly get compliments on the appearance of this Skiff at the boat ramps, the mocha colored SeaDek gives a great non-slip platform that is very easy to keep clean! I have known the guys there for the last 15 years and could not recommend them more! They are a family owned business and some of the most down to earth folks you will meet!

There will be many memories made on this boat! What stands out the most to me is the incredible hole shot with the hp outboard. Also, the fishability is perfect.

The recessed trolling motor foot pedal tray really comes in handy on a long day on the water. Another fantastic aspect of this rig is the seadek material on the casting decks. Meaux H. I absolutely love the ride of the Hyper-Lift hull.

The performance of the Hyper-Lift hull in regards to speed and smoothness is leaps and bounds ahead of other aluminum brands. The sleek look of the Xpress really drew me in. I purchased my Xpress without ever stepping foot in a Xpress boat.

I can not tell you how many people have approached my at gas stations, boat ramps, or at the local car wash to compliment my boat. I love the Xtreme coat. I fish a lot of dirty water in the Mississippi delta and the Xtreme coat makes clean up a breeze. I wash my boat several times a month so quick cleanup is a major plus.

Brandon D. They are awesome people to do business with! The support from Smith Motor has been excellent�5 Stars since the day I bought it!

Anytime I have had any issue at all they have taken care of me quickly and correctly. The Xtreme Liner is awesome. I absolutely love it. The seats and roll away storage is very convenient for me. The rod lockers are huge and I fit a ton of tackle in them.

I had carpet in my XP7, but the SeaDek is so much better and easy to clean. Ken B. I love how quick it gets on plain and the way it rides across the waves like there not even there. I like the Yamaha SHO, which requires very little maintenance. The Humminbird Helix 7 keeps me out of trouble. Minn Kota Edge keeps me where the fish are. I am very pleased with boat and Brooks Marine.

I enjoy Xpress all the way around! Robert R. This boats does it all. I would not change a thing. I purchased it at Boats Unlimited in Baton Rouge, which was a great experience. The ride is great. The lights in all compartments are very useful.

I was fishing with a friend on the same area of water and we were dry and they were soaking wet. Glad I had my Xpress! Keep up the great work! Steven G. I use it as mainly a hunting and fishing rig and luckily got to hunt in it around 35 different days this year for duck season.

I hunt out of my boat a lot during duck season and the number one feature that I love about the DBX is the amount of room and inside the boat. The openness allows for maximum comfort when hunting out of the boat, I can easily hunt 3 people in the boat and not be crowded at all.

Another this I love about the boat is how well it handles rough water for its size. It cuts through rough waves very well and is super stable and comfortable on the water.

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