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We have found 67 businesses for Boat & Yacht Builders & Repairers in BRISBANE - REDCLIFFE & BRIBIE & CABOOLTURE, QLD - Pacific Blue Mobile Marine Servicing, Marine Detailing Solutions, Davey Shipwrights, Boat & Marine Services Qld., South Pacific Steel Fabrication - and more. Step Aboard. Japan International Boat Show, April , Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, May , Secure Your Boat Show Inspection. Simon Paroz & Co Boatbuilders specializes in all aspects of wooden boat maintenance, repair, restoration and construction. Simon & his staff are skilled in traditional boat building techniques such as carvel planking, clinker planking & steam bending & are equally proficient in modern composite construction such as strip planking.

Black Label Marine specialises in aluminum fabrication and welding, as well as stainless steel, mild steel, machining, and vessel plumbing and systems. The team at Commercial Marine Australia understands the operators needs to give their investments a new lease on life. Phone Phone. Bilge systems, both manual and electric Desalination yacht builders brisbane inc Fuel systems, fuel treatment and transfer. Christensen's existing shipyard allows it to build world-class yachts up to 50 meters feet in length. Shared commitment, shared values and shared profit is a winning combination at Christensen Shipyards and a guarantee of our clients will get the very best from out talented and dedicated boat builders every hour of their yacht's construction. Company Name.

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